December 15, 2019


The Application: Not Something To Fear


There it is.  The dreaded application to that several thousand dollar scholarship sits upon the table before you.  As you fill it out, you grit your teeth, hoping not to get any unnecessary ink blots or wrinkles on this Holy Grail of papers.  You thought applying to get into a college was difficult, you are sweating even more over this application.  Let’s just hope that none of your drops get on the paper!

If you think like this about applications, then you will almost never have a strong one, and it will keep you from filling out the most you can.  You need to change your thinking.


You Secret Weapon


Many people tend to ask us about how to fill out applications, or even how to overcome the fear of rejection.  It is true, you feel as if you wasted all your time doing all that work if you don’t actually get the scholarship, but you can’t think of it like that.

The best way to encounter your applications for scholarships is to make sure that you are treating them like your secret weapon.  Applications are your foot in the door.  They are your bait on the hook.  They are the snare for the unsuspecting scholarship board member.  You need to learn how to tailor your scholarship to be irresistible.

One of the things that stop students from doing this is the fact that they don’t think their application is strong as compared to most other applicants.  However, believe it or not, all those other applicants think the same exact thing.  That’s the nature of competition.




You have to ask yourself to do the math.  For instance, you might think that a scholarship will only approve one out of ten kids for the funding.  Now, say you are an “average” student with a middle “B”.  Your odds aren’t bad, they are just mediocre.  But then, it simply comes down to a numbers game.

  • If you find that you are applying to most scholarships that have a 10% success rate, and you are an average student, then you can actually play the numbers.
  • If they approve 10%, then that means 1 out of every 10 kids will get the scholarship.  So, if you are regularly applying to scholarships with those very typical number rates, then you know that you will be sure to get 1 scholarship out of every 10 that you apply to.
  • This will give you a target to shoot for.  If you know that you will be receiving 1 out of every 10, then total out your cost for college, and then apply accordingly.  If you need to make $40,000, and each scholarship will pay for $10,000, then you know that you have to apply to 40 scholarship funds to pay for your entire college career.


Of course, those are simple numbers, and it might not work out exactly like that, but it gives you an idea of how calculating your tuition needs, and the odds to applying to scholarships, will end up getting you a big chunk of money.  Also, so scholarships will not track those dollars later on, which means that if you have more than your entire educational career bought and paid for, then you might end up with extra walking around money for books and other expenses.

It is important that you always consider the numbers and the applications themselves as your secret weapons.  We will be going far more in depth in the below articles, but this is the first step in making you an irresistible student recipient of college scholarship funding.  Get ready to make the most out of your education.