December 16, 2019

Essay Writing Tips

Master the Essay


Essays tend to be one of the hardest aspects of any application in the eyes of most students.  In fact, that tends to be what stops many good students from doing more applications than they could have.  Not all students are writers, and the reviewers from these scholarship applications know this.  However, it is important that you gain the skills necessary to write the best essay you possibly can.  There could be a lot of money riding on the line.  Make sure you do what you have to, and figure out exactly what these reviewers are looking for in your scholarship essay.


Your First Step


Get to know the directions of the essay.  If you are unfamiliar with the subject matter, or you don’t quite know what the application is asking, then it is best to do your research.  Nothing says, “I don’t deserve this scholarship” like not following directions for the essay.  You do not want to fluff it or make up your answers, you need to know what you are talking about.

Also, if your essay is about you, then that should be rather easy.  There are different rules for these two different styles.  You will either have a third-person objective essay, or a first-person subjective essay.  Depending on what you are assigned, that will influence how you go about writing your essay, what kind of grammar you use, and even how well it is supposed to be researched.


The First Person Essay


This will be the most lenient, as most of these scholarship providers are only hoping to get to know you.  So, that means that you can write in your first person perspective, as well do less research (if any) on facts.  If you are simply talking about yourself, you will not be “fact checked” as well as scrutinized.  Perhaps the only checking they will do is to see what kind of a person you are through your essay, as well as check grammar, spelling, and syntax to see if you seem educated.


The Third Person Essay


This will be a bit more difficult.  Whatever your do, do not write this in first person.  That means, you will not want to use (you, I, me, mine, etc.)  This will be one of the first clues that your essay writing leaves something to be desired.  Also, this format will be more heavily scrutinized and critiqued, since it is to ask you about informational things and not about subjective things that only have to do with you.  In essence, it is much easier to check your facts.

Also, this is something you will want to research.  If you get a first person essay, then you don’t need to do any research (obviously), but this type will need considerable amounts of homework.  You do not want to write with no clue about what you are writing.  One of the reasons why the assigned the subject matter is to see if you can follow directions, do the research, and have the right information.


Essay Construction


Constructing your essay will be rather easy, but you need to think of it as you would if you were building a house.  If you are building a house, you do not begin with the framing or the roof.  You must begin with the foundation.  Your foundation will start with a thesis statement, and then continue from there.  In order to learn how to properly construct a scholarship essay, then you need to familiarize yourself by looking through online sources.  These sources will provide you with basic structures on how to go about writing.

Make sure you follow directions, use proper grammar, and use the right information, and you will impress the reviewer and win funding.