December 16, 2019


Scholarship Interviews: Overcoming Shaky Palms


They’ve taken an interest in you, so you’ve got your foot in the door.  Now you simply need to open it.  And how does what do that?  You need to ace your interview.  Your scholarship interview is one of the most important parts of the application process, as this is where they will confirm that you are the person that is worth their money.  Making this interview go well can be difficult, especially if you are not good under pressure, or you are not a particularly social person.  Many of these scholarship firms are looking for leaders, so you need to make sure that you are saying that with your body language during the meeting.


How Does a Leader Act?


First it needs to be noted, what is a leader?  A leader does not necessarily have to be charging in front of a crowd, but it is rather someone who possesses influence.  Whether the influence is good or bad, that is not always certain, but what reviewers are looking for are people with the capacities to change their worlds.

It is for this reason that these people are looking for various “leader like” aspects in someone they are interviewing:

  • A leader is confident – A confidant person will look the interviewer in the eyes.  Also, a confident person has the ability to say those difficult words, “I don’t know.”  Depending on where those words are said in the interview, that might just be a very lucrative 3-word sentence.
  • A leader is honest – Whatever you do, never lie in an interview.  These people do this for a living.  They can smell a lie from a mile away.  Now, they may not call you out, but you will immediately be checked off of the list of possibilities.
  • A leader has a sense of humor – If you are not well liked, then you cannot lead.  In fact, some would argue that this is the most important part about your interview.  You need to be funny, but not a comedian.  If you have a healthy sense of humor, it speaks volumes about your easy-going, and confident personality.



It is important to remember a few things about your interview, as these tips may help in expanding your credibility.

Many of these interviewers are looking for credible, qualified people to educate.  Which means that you need to look like you know what you are doing.  Unfortunately, a young person simply looks inexperienced, however, a few changes may just tip the scales in your favor.  For instance, if you wear contacts, then you might want to wear your glasses for that day.  If you don’t wear any contacts or glasses, then go out and buy a “non-prescription” set.  This will make you look smarter, and a smarter person has credibility.  This method has been tested time and time again, and it has worked like a charm.

Also, don’t where a tux, but you do want to come dressed in a business casual way.  Yes, you should wear a formal button down shirt.  However, you might want to consider that a blazer or business jacket is worth more than any tie.  A tie may be too much (depending on the setting), but a nice shirt in a blazer has a tendency to look sleek, stylish, and professional.

For ladies, make sure you are dressing to impress.  Don’t wear anything with too much flare, but make it look as if you are on your way to a “high-power” business meeting.  When you dress like you are already in your career, it has a tendency to raise some eyebrows in your favor.