December 16, 2019


Biology is one of the most advanced majors, exploring scientific fields and dancing on the cutting edges of technology and societal advancement.  Yet, that does not mean that if you have no money to learn the field, then you should give up on that dream.  Biology has loads of potential, so a simple scholarship search will reveal that Biology has one of the most diverse and abundant lists of scholarships.  It is a simple task to find several, but your key is to simply find the right ones that work for you.  These will either pay for full-rides, or smaller expenses.  But, the important part is that you aren’t swamping yourself in student loans.  Check this list for some of the most prevalently used of all Biology Scholarships.


Research In The Field


For overachievers, which could possibly be you, if you are taking on a complex course matter like Biology, there are many places that you can get yourself into programs and honor societies.  These will unveil massive amounts potential to bring in lots of funding.

Also, consider the fact that you will be highly coveted to many companies and research firms.  Business will pay almost anything to have your mind go to work for them.  Not only does that include a fat salary, but also they will make sure that you are as educated as they can get you to be.  If you find yourself in an academic program with a fraternity, sorority, or other type of society or organization, then finding a scholarship to fund your Biology major will be rather simple.  All that’s left for you to do is simple sit back, and study for those midterms.


Biology Scholarship List


HENAAC Scholars Program

The HENAAC Scholars Program awards scholarships ranging in amounts from $500 to $8,500. Applicants must possess demonstrated leadership through academic achievements and campus/community activities, needs to be engineering, math, computer science or material science majors, have an overall GPA of 3.0 and must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program for your coming fall semester.

Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship

The Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship awards $10,000 to a graduate student for coming academic year to aid research and preparation of a paper traveling on an aspect of wilderness. Proposals referring to climate change are strongly encouraged. Additional funding will probably be provided to pay travel expenses of the recipient to work with staff members of our Wilderness Society within this project. The Society wishes to encourage the publication in this operate in a tutorial journal or other appropriate medium and has additional funds to help cover expenses of publishing and publicizing the last paper.

EPP Undergraduate Scholarship Program

The goal of the EPP Undergraduate Scholars Program is usually to raise the number of students who undertake course work and graduate with degrees in targeted academic fields integral to NOAA’s mission. This application targets students who ve completed their sophomore year, attending minority serving institutions (MSIs), and still have recently declared, or getting ready to declare a big in atmospheric, oceanic, or environmental disciplines that support these sciences. (The Department of Education determines which universities are MSIs).

Microbiology Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The goal of the Microbiology Undergraduate Research Fellowship (MURF) program should be to increase the number of underrepresented undergraduate students who wish to, and have absolutely demonstrated the power to pursue graduate careers (Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D.) in microbiology. Students from non-research intensive institutions can have the occasion to conduct full time summer research having ASM member for a research intensive host institution, and present research results for the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students and the ASM General Meeting.