December 16, 2019

Chinese Language

There could be many reasons to sign yourself up to be a Chinese Languages or Mandarin major.  This field has many very interesting opportunities for employment, but it also has many opportunities for scholarships too.  You don’t have to find yourself swamped in college loans after you’ve earned your degree, and here are a few ways how to do that.

First, it should be mentioned that doing a Chinese Language major is not like getting into the Medical field or Business.  Learning a language has applications in almost any field.  Somewhere, someone is going to need an interpreter.  With Mandarin being one of the fastest growing languages in the world, that might offer you several interesting opportunities.



One of the best reasons to learn another language thoroughly is because interpreters are very, very valuable.  In addition to that, if you are learning another language, you are not only primed for the business world, but you are also given the ability to go into governmental international relations.  Again, people will pay good money to have the ability to communicate through you.


Opening Opportunities

The reason why we mentioned careers first is because that just shows how valuable a person like you really are.  In fact, not only will people pay good money for your salary, but people will pay good money so they can have you be educated.  With you as an educated linguist, it expands your possibilities.  This is one reason why trying to receive scholarships for learning any language is just chock full of funding opportunities.

You also need to consider this.  The government is always trying to find means of communication with other embassies and nationalities.  This puts you in a very excellent spot.  Because of the hope of developing good relations with other countries, then especially the US Government will give you a college grant in order for you to become apart of the process.  Another aspect linking countries is the non-profit field.

Going into non-profit relations has lots of excellent perks, and will give you an opportunity to serve wherever your heart takes you.  Especially with the ability to speak Chinese, you will be invaluable for non-profit organizations that move between the US and China.  This has a tendency to produce very rich people with the hope of funding people like you, to carry out the work that they cannot otherwise do.  If you are hoping to learn Chinese, then be sure to check out these scholarships especially.

These are a few scholarships from other researched sources:


University of Iowa

At the University of Iowa, current students can try for their Cheng/Liu Scholarship to underwrite the cost of a “recognized” summer Chinese language program. This $1,000 award is merit-based and open to both grad and undergrad students who are majoring in Chinese at the University’s Department of Asian Languages and Literature.


Middlebury College Language Schools

Vermont’s Middlebury College is renowned for its Language Schools, where students can choose to study Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and/or Chinese during an intensive summer session. There are numerous Kathryn Wasserman Davis Scholarships in Critical Language Study. Awards cover tuition, room, and board for a summer session, and any transportation expenses incurred during the camp is also paid for. You needn’t be a student at Middlebury College to apply, but you must be able to prove that you are “exceptionally qualified” in foreign languages, international studies, international politics and economics, conflict resolution, and/or peace and security studies. Working degreed professionals are also welcome to apply.


University of Oregon

If you’re already somewhat fluent in the Mandarin dialect, the University of Oregon offers a Chinese Flagship Scholarship program as part of the National Security Education Program Flagship Language Program. All students with exceptional academic records are encouraged to apply for this competitive funding stream. The program promises a four-year, honors-level, language-intensive program in the academic major of the scholarship recipient’s choice. Please note that a rather detailed recommendation from a current teacher is necessary as part of the application process.