December 16, 2019

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is one exciting field to tackle, but it is sure to require a good bit of training ahead of time.  Maintaining law and order is no easy matter, and for those who want to stand between the citizens and the criminals, you will need to know your stuff.  That is why anyone who is in law enforcement or some kind of Criminal Justice field has a college degree or associates degree (for lower level positions.)  If you are hoping to get through your Criminal Justice degree and find yourself in a federal program like the BATFE or the FBI, then you will definitely want a bachelors and even a masters degree.  This will cost you some money, but are there alternative ways of paying?


Situational Change

As we’ve said before on multiple occasions… if you want a scholarship, then go to your future employer, well we are saying it again.  Except this time, your future employer is likely to be the police force or federal agency you hope to join.  The reason why this is significant is because we usually tell people to go to whatever corporation they hope to work for.  In your case, that corporation is most likely, the government.  This actually has several advantages:

  • The government is a bit more relaxed with their money (as the politicians giving it away are just trying to get elected again.)
  • The government has a massive spending budget, which usually blows any corporation out of the water.
  • If you get yourself a college degree in criminal justice, then you are likely to already have a job waiting for you to get out.


It Depends

You might be asked the question, what scholarship do you want to get?  Your answer should be, “It depends.”  In many cases, we know what major we want to be, but we just don’t know what minor (or topic within your major).  In this way, you don’t necessarily have to know specifically what you want to do.  There are lots of scholarships for those who want to go into the field of Criminal Justice.  As opposed to, say, Computer Graphics or Cosmetology, Criminal Justice will have lots of charitable donors.  Especially if you are able to make friends with a few in the Fraternal Order of Police, that might be worth a good chunk of money towards your tuition.  Of course, here are a few other options you might explore…

North Carolina Sheriffs Association

Applicants must be undergraduate students majoring in Criminal Justice, a NC resident for tuition purposes, and enrolled full time. One scholarship is given for a student at each UNC constituent institution that has a criminal justice degree program.

Out To Protect Scholarship

Out To Protect offers a law enforcement scholarship for individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, or straight ally and who are pursuing a career in law enforcement by putting themselves through a basic training program. Our goal is to support individuals who are positive role models in law enforcement and who are “out” to their peers. We believe that by exposing law enforcement personnel to positive role models that the age-old attitudes and stereotypes about GLBT personnel working in law enforcement can change. We also recognize the courage required to “come out” and that required to be “out” on the job as a law enforcement professional.

Chicago Police and Firefighter Training Academy Scholarship

The Chicago Police and Firefighter Training Academy (CPFTA) awards a 2 year scholarship for cadets of the four-year program (two years in high school and two in college). Students must meet or exceed the following requirements to be eligible:

• A 3.0 (B) average upon completing the 2 year high school component.

• A 90% attendance rate throughout the high school component.

• No Driving Suspensions or Revocations.

• Drug Screening.

Meeting or exceeding these requirements will guarantee a scholarship to attend one of many City Colleges of Chicago.

Other Scholarships may be available through the FBI and CPD fraternal orders.