December 6, 2019


If you want to be an extremely valuable player in a corporation some day, then you might consider getting an economics degree.  The reason why businesses seem to be tripping over themselves to get people like you is because you can just about tell them the future.  In addition to that, you will be able to see the big picture of how their business fits in the national and even the world economy.  If they didn’t have you, then that is like walking through a foreign city without a map.  You are their map, and you can charge an arm and a leg for being one.


Economic Advantage

The reason you are so valuable is that you can give your company a birds eye view of the important decisions.  In most cases, you will either find yourself in a leadership position, or you will be looking at a higher level consultant or advisory position.  Either way, it means you are looking at a wonderful, fulfilling career, and you are looking at someone else possibly paying for it.

One of the most abundant supplies of charitable and scholarship money is the private sector.  Most importantly, big businesses love to get tax breaks for investing in their future employers.  With this knowledge, you might want to have an idea of who you want to work for after college.  If you can iron out this detail by your sophomore year, then that may very well be an $80,000 decision on your part.  Also, like many other occupations, you will have a career when you graduate.


Great Education Without Breaking the Bank

To get an excellent economics degree, you don’t necessarily have to make it to the best, most prestigious schools in the country.  You just need to make sure you go to a good one, but make sure you nail down that GPA!  That number is like gold to you, as it can be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars.  In addition to that, even if you don’t get a scholarship from a corporation you plan to work for, and you pin down one that comes from a charitable fund, then you aren’t even confined to do something in your career that has to do with economics.  As we have said before, a higher GPA means more possibilities and flexibility.

If you want to maintain flexibility and do not necessarily want to sign a contract that might lock down the next two years after you graduate, then here are a few options that might interest you.  These scholarships will not come from Wall Street, but rather the local charitable or educational organization in all kinds of towns and cities.

Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest

Annual Essay Contest on Ayn Rand’s Novel, Atlas Shrugged, for College Students (Graduate and Undergraduate) and 12th Graders

Entry Deadline: September 17th

First Prize: $10,000
3 Second Prizes: $2,000
5 Third Prizes: $1,000
20 Finalists: $100
20 Semifinalists: $50

All information necessary to enter the contest is contained on our website.

Equilar Scholars Program

Equilar, Inc. is an information services firm specializing in executive compensation.

Eligibility Criteria:
– Grade level: Incoming freshman or current, full-time undergraduate at the University of California, Davis campus
– Major: Business, economics, mathematics, statistics, finance or other related majors
– Any ethnic heritage
– Minimum cumulative GPA: 3.5 for incoming freshmen, 3.0 for incoming sophomores – seniors
– Financial need ($70,000 maximum household income)
– Residency: Alameda, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo or Santa Clara county in northern California

ABA Diversity Scholarship

The ABA Diversity Scholarship focuses on broadening the number of traditionally under-represented groups in the management and operation ranks of the transportation, travel, and tourism industry.

CALG Scholarship Program

The Charlotte Area Liaison Group (CALG) scholarship is for eligible full-time undergraduate students in the Charlotte metro-region majoring in Business or a related field who have attained at least a junior status. Preference may be given to students who have demonstrated leadership through membership in student organizations as well as an interest in a career in human resource management as demonstrated by completion of HR coursework.