December 6, 2019


If you are hoping to go into the career field of Finance, then you probably already know just how many possibilities await you.  In fact, Finance has an average of being the most well-paid of professions within all college majors.  It is because you will be able to know, not how to run businesses, but invest in the ones that boom.  You will be able to spot opportunity, and it is this ability that will almost always have the ability to earn large salaries.

In addition to this, Finance happens to be one of those careers with an obscene diversity of choices.  For instance, you can belong to a bank, investment firm, or whatever else fits with your particular degree.


Scholarship Opportunities

It is important that you keep in mind what type of business you will be going into.  In the world of Finance you will find prestigious banking institutions, large investment houses, and lots and lots of old money.  Among some of this money has brought rise to many charitable organizations that are in existence to fund the educations of future financiers of America.  Of course, no one will actually come out and say it, but these businesses and the chairs or several non profit organizations know how to invest, in which case, they won’t simply be giving away the money, because they know that you will be an investment in the long run.

This of course, is dependent upon your ability to keep your GPA high and keep good references.  Also, you will need to have essay writing to an art form.  If you’ve mastered these basic skills and opportunities, then you are going to find yourself swimming in free tuition money.


Where To Look

You actually have an advantage over most majors.  The reason for this is that businesses will want you, so they will both offer you scholarships and jobs.  Also, there are a hefty amount of business charitable non profit foundations that are in the practice of giving out scholarship monies on a regular basis.  All you need to be able to do is spot the opportunities where you will be most likely to succeed.

It is important that you look to colleges that have an emphasis on your particular major.  When you have schools that are world renowned for being excellent for future careers in finance, then they will also be accompanied with available scholarships.  Make sure you do your due diligence in finding the right college for your major, and opportunities will begin to land in your lap.

Here are a few examples of what to look for…


  • The Bahl and Gaynor Scholarship. This family endowment recognizes the outstanding academic record of a finance major. The recipient must be interested in pursuing investment as a career.
  • The Heinrich Scholarship is a merit and need-based scholarship available to Finance students with a GPA of at least 3.0 and entering their junior year of studies.
  • Juniors in the Finance program with a GPA of 2.75 may be considered for the Kress Scholarship. Eligible candidates must also prove financial need.
  • The coveted Financial Executive’s Award is bestowed upon a rising senior who has shown outstanding academic work as well as demonstrated leadership among his or her peers.

Middle Tennessee State University Jennings A. Jones College of Business awards scholarships in Finance to quite a number of deserving students:

  • The Bobby Corcoran Scholarships go to freshman already declaring a Finance major.
  • The Economics and Finance Faculty Scholarships are up for grabs to deserving juniors or seniors that have demonstrated academic achievement and who require financial aid for school.
  • PRIMUS Financial Services Scholarship is awarded to at least a junior level student who may not possess the highest GPA in the class, but does exhibit a talent for leadership.

The University of Arizona Eller School of Management sponsors the Fielding-Singh Awards for Finance majors. Students must own the highest GPA, demonstrate leadership abilities, and have been engaged in department activities to qualify for this $2000 scholarship.