December 6, 2019

Graduate Nursing

The world is in desperate need of nurses.  Nurses are literally the backbone of the medical industry.  As this industry continues to expand, the need for highly qualified nurses will expand with it.  While being an MD might have its benefits, that is still going to require a hefty amount of expensive schooling.  Also, some folks just do not have the time to spend six full years in another school outside of college.  That means, many will be spending a decade in college just to get medical degrees.  So, if you want to advance in the medical field, yet you have no desire going into medical, you might consider Graduate Nursing programs at various colleges.

One of the best benefits of Graduate Nursing programs is the fact that you aren’t stuck with going to medical school, as these will have somewhat of a shortage of usable scholarships for the average achiever.


The Scholarship Nursing Advantage

If you want scholarships to advance in the medical career, then one of the best places to get that will be in Graduate Nursing.  In fact, this is perhaps the richest place to find scholarships in the medical field for two reasons:

  • You will be able to find plenty of charitable organizations.  The medical industry is charitable by nature, and this will be an excellent source of tuition funding.
  • You will be able to find plenty of employers that might have no qualms about financing your additional schooling.  If you are currently a nurse and you hope to get your graduate Master’s degree, then you will be more qualified of a nurse and your possibilities will expand.  This is great for the place you are employed, which means that there will be lots of opportunities for them to fund your continuance of education.


Going The Extra Mile

If you are considering continuing your nursing education, or you wish to simply keep going after you’ve reached your bachelors degree, then there will be many opportunities for you.

Now, in order to get inline with one of these scholarship programs, you will need to make sure that your grades are rather high.  As always, the higher your grades are, then the more opportunities you will be afforded.  Scholarships in this manner are a lot like completely free investment money.  You will not have to invest in order to make more, and free money is always a good thing.  That is true, especially when it comes to being more educated.

Among some scholarships you might want to consider applying for are the following:

Professional organizations that support the interests, education and professional stature of nurses exist across an array of specialties. In most cases, nurses engaged in a graduate program may either be specializing in a particular area of patient care or as administrators or teachers.

  • American Association of Critical Care Nurses provides an Educational Advancement Scholarship. The awards are in the amount of $5000 and are offered mostly to graduate students, a quarter of them minorities.
  • Nurses Educational Funds sponsors a host of scholarship, grants, and internships solely designed for those nurses seeking funding for graduate nursing programs. The organization was established by and is run by professional nurses. Over a dozen scholarships and endowments are available annually in many different areas of graduate work.
  • Oncology Nursing Society provides scholarships to professional nurses moving into advanced degrees in cancer nursing. The organization supports Masters and Ph.D. programs.
  • American Association of Colleges of Nursing maintains a comprehensive list of graduate nursing scholarships.
  • Nursing Scholarship Program through the Department of Health and Human Services awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate nursing students who can commit to serving at least 2 years in a medically underserved region upon graduation. In exchange for their service the HHS pays the cost of tuition including auxiliary costs such as books and lab equipment. Nursing students are also awarded a $1200 per month stipend. Students must be U.S. citizens and enrolled at least half time in an accredited RN program. Nursing students who can prove the most financial need or are from a disadvantage background are given priority with these scholarships. Nearly 200 Nursing Scholarships are awarded annually.
  • Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students is a federally funded scholarship program available to students pursuing a variety of health professions at all educational levels, including nursing.
  • National Health Service Corps was founded in 1972 to provide a needed link between well-trained health professionals and disadvantaged communities that required such services. The Corps’ Scholars program is a loan repayment program designed to cover both graduate and undergraduate nurses student loan repayments as long as he or she provides service to the NHSC in a medically disadvantaged institution.