December 6, 2019

Health Management

Health management is a career in a unique position.  Sometimes, the health management major will lead one towards becoming a nurse.  In other cases, the health management major will lead people towards being doctors.  But where most end up being lead to by the health management major is that it becoming health administrators.  These people have interesting job aspects, as they are both heavily connected to the medical profession, yet at the same time, they have to be astute in business and other types of management positions.  You don’t always have to be a doctor to work in a hospital, as someone has to know when to pay the electric bill and get in shipments of syringes.  Running a hospital isn’t all about trying to keep patients well, but it also has to do with making sure that the bills are paid.


Scholarship Opportunities

Among some of the notable ways to get scholarship opportunities with this type of major is the fact that this covers both aspects of business and the medical side.  Also, there are lots of funds and charities that are in existence for the express purpose of helping students in the Health Management major.

In addition to that, you might want to take this particular major and minor in nursing.  The beautiful part about that is the fact that you will both be able to work in a hospital or other type of medical facility.  This will provide other opportunities, because many of these facilities will be able to help with repaying your loans.  Like many businesses in the private sector have loan repayment programs for their employees, the same goes for those in the medical industry.


Health Management: The Healthy Side of Business

The very nature of the health management major will be the fact that you are not just going to be setting up IV’s.  You will be the one buying the IV’s for the hospitals.  This puts you in a very important position.  Doctors do not want to have to pay the bills, as they already have enough on their minds.  Your job will be running the facility so that the doctors and nurses can do the jobs that they are trained and educated for.  This type of position is extremely valuable, and there will be no shortage of scholarship opportunities in this field.

If you are considering going into health management, then here are a few scholarships that might point you in the right direction.  Do pay attention to the nature of these scholarships.  Some of them are specific to the college itself.  This says that it depends on what college you go to, that will influence how much in scholarships that you can qualify for…

Connecticut Women in Healthcare Management, Inc. awards its own self-titled scholarship each year to an outstanding woman pursuing a healthcare management degree. Students may be either undergraduate or graduate and be committed to pursuit of the field. Up to $1,000 in award money.

The Institute for Diversity in Health Care Management is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The organization is committed to trying to encourage the interests of minorities in the more advanced fields of healthcare management. Minorities, including women, have been underrepresented in the field for generations. The institute provides the following scholarships:

  • Diversified Investment Advisors Leaders in Healthcare Scholarship makes up to $5,000 available to graduate minority students in healthcare management. Qualified individuals must express financial need.
  • Eliot C. Robert Scholarship is awarded to a minority student interested in pursuing healthcare management in the public sector.
  • Cathy Brock Memorial Scholarship is designed for the minority student specializing in the financial aspects of healthcare management.

GE Healthcare Management Scholarship Program partners with the American Society for Radiologic Technicians to provide a very attractive scholarship ($5,000) to graduate and doctoral students pursuing healthcare management. Applicants must be members of the ASRT to be considered.

Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University funds two scholarships in the field:

  • Richard Davis Healthcare Management Scholarship. Students must prove financial need as well as high academic standards.
  • David Phoenix and Brydon Greene Scholarship for Health Care Management to a student with outstanding economic need.

At Southern Illinois University-Carbondale students in the Health Care Management Program may be eligible for two scholarships:

  • New Student in Health Care Management Scholarship is really a tuition waiver for undergraduate students with superior GPA and economic need.
  • Mid-American Healthcare Executives Students Jack Buckley Award is a modest scholarship for students in their senior year of the healthcare management degree.