December 12, 2019



Journalism is one of those careers that can be made or broken by how well you did in college.  That is why if you let college slip by without ever taking the opportunities presented to you, then you risk missing out on great jobs, salaries, and benefits.  Especially in terms of scholarships, that is one area that will require you to act.  This is not a passive set of goals.  It must be an active one.

Especially for the fact that the best journalism programs are going to be costly, you need to make sure that you are stacking yourself with the best scholarships in order that you can cover the costs of your student loans once you graduate.


Don’t Miss Out

It is important that you keep up your GPA and engage in lots of extracurricular activities.  In the journalism industry, you will be inseparable to the media.  The media will take the best of the best, and unfortunately, it is the mediocre students that did not jump on the train that will end up sweeping floors.

You don’t want to be in this situation.  You have to pound the pavement!



It is important to think of finding scholarships as not just getting money for college, but they are central points for connections.  This is absolutely crucial to have.  It is because anybody, who is anybody, in the journalism business is very well connected.  The reason why these connections must exist is because journalism is a rather tight knit group.

Also, scholarships will allow your name to get out there.  It is important that important people read your work.  This makes a fantastic way to do that, since many scholarship boards and reviewers are going to be reading your essays.

Who are these reviewers?  They are either former or existing journalists!

Don’t just think of your scholarships as ways to peddle for money… you have to think of them as places where you can gain crucial connections for inevitable career advancement.


Places To Apply

If you are looking for connections and a way to afford the best schools, then you might be happy to know that most of the scholarships you will find will be either sponsored by, or intimately connected to a particular school.  Do yourself a favor and GO TO THESE SCHOOLS!

If you go to schools that sponsor high-level scholarship journalist funds, then you place yourself right at the epicenter to take root and drink from the benefits afforded you.


Some to note are:

SCPA Foundation Summer Internships

All students preparing for a career in the newspaper industry who will have completed their sophomore year by the end of the upcoming spring semester. Scholarship winners may study at any four-year South Carolina college approved by the Foundation.

Selection of the scholarship winners is based on commitment to a newspaper career, participation in newspaper activities in college, recommendations of faculty members, and grades. Financial need will also be a factor in awarding the scholarships.

Application forms and additional information may be found at our website.

Ohio Newspapers Foundation Minority Scholarship

Applicant must be a collegebound high school senior and enroll as a college freshman at an Ohio college or university for the coming school year. The applicant should be planning on majoring in journalism.

A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required. Two letters of recommendation from high school faculty members familiar with the student’s work and career interests, with special emphasis on student’s financial need.

Must demonstrate ability to write clearly in an autobiography of 750 to 1,000 words describing academic and career interests, awards, extracurricular activities and any journalism-related activities.

Applicant must be African American, Hispanic, Asian American or American Indian.