December 6, 2019


There are various nursing scholarships that are available to many students who are interested in getting into the field.  In fact, the nursing career is one of the easiest to find colleges, scholarships, and careers for, especially if you are willing to travel.  With the rising costs of healthcare due to government funding, hospitals have more funding than ever to hire ample nursing staff.  This means that there is more than enough scholarship funding to go around.


The Nature of Nursing Scholarships


Also, because the medical field happens to be among the more charitable of careers, there are many funds that are available which are geared towards non-profit sectors.  This means that if you would like to go into the Peace Corps, and are afraid of not having the money to pay off your schooling in the process, these scholarships are widely available to help you fulfill your goals.


Here is a rather short list of scholarship programs (as compared to the thousands of other options out there.) This will give you a short starting point towards the ones you can apply to.  Do keep in mind that some of them will require certain GPAs and other basic information.  In addition to that, there are some that will require you to be in certain sororities or fraternities.


The List of Nursing Scholarships


Finding nursing scholarships is rather simple, as this should give you a place to begin.  If you don’t see any that you like here, you can simple do another BING search for others.  As we said before, the more of these scholarships you can apply to, the hire your chances of achieving some serious money for your education.

Also, don’t worry if you want to use your nursing degree for non-profit purposes, as there are plenty of scholarships out there just or students like you.


Scholarship of the Unified Daughters of our Confederacy

The UDC provides scholarships for nursing majors out to lineal descendants of Associate veterans.

Amount of Gift: Varies

Number of Awards: 1 per year

Duration of Reward: the year

Application Timeline: Walk of each year

Miriam Fay Furlong Grant

Applicants because of this nursing scholarship need to be people current of our Alpha Tau Delta Specialist Fellowship for Nurses.

Quantity of Judgment: $1,000Number of Promotions: one to actually top six per year

Duration of Gift: a per year

Application Limit: April 14 annually

HOSA Scholarships

A long collection of companies supply fellowships to actually constituents of the Wellness Careers Patients of North America each year to finance their own search of healthcare jobs, especially in nursing.

Amount of Judgment: $1,000 to actually $7,000

Number of Promotions: Varies

Duration of Gift: 1 year

Application Deadline: April just about every one of them year

Contact your particular HOSA Coordinator at your higher education for whole application details, types and instructions.

Barry & Julia Smith Loved Ones Nurse Scholarship Program

This scholarship is handed to tending patients who are a minimum of 22 years of age and fascinated by your occupation in-house or end of life care nursing aptitude. They should be current throughout the day patients inside their lesser yr of nursing learn.

Amount of Reward: $1,000

Number of Awards: Varies

Duration of Judgment: one year

Application Point Deadline: May of each year

Contact Scholarship Management Services

B. & Dorothy A. Snyder Scholarships

Provides monetary assistance to undergraduate or graduate students that are thinking of participating in associations of college education within the fields of nursing.  Open to U.S residents and other nationalities.

Level of Award: Varies

Number of Awards: Varies

Duration of Reward: 1 year

Application Deadline: First of each year

Contact: Harold B. & Dorothy A. Synder Scholarship Fund