December 8, 2019

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is one major that provides students with the ability to help their fellow people.  Basically, the nature of Occupational Therapy is humanitarian.  Especially during a time when jobs may not be so easy to find and keep, it is important to keep America working.  That is one reason why many businesses turn to occupational therapists in order to keep the ill or injured employees that they currently have, rather than having to train all new faces.

Basically, an occupational therapist is someone who will assist an employee of a certain firm get back to normal or help him or her cope from an injury, illness, or even a mental issue.  This provides an excellent way to keep employees working and earning paychecks.  Also, the fact that this major is humanitarian in purpose means that there is a lot of scholarship money to be had.


Occupational Therapy from State to State

No matter where you live, you will always have an Occupational Therapy Association that you can go to.  Not only will this association help you find jobs and firms for which to work, but they will also be able to provide you with scholarships.  Associations like these have deep rooted connections to lots of old money, and this old money looks after its own.  If you are hoping to find money because you can’t seem to cover the costs of tuition and room and board, then be sure to visit the Occupational Therapy Association in your state.  You will not be disappointed.


College Opportunities

Perhaps the most lucrative source for scholarship funding is to go directly to the source.  If you find your scholarship funding from colleges, you will almost always be able to get more than you could have any other way.

Why?  College sponsored scholarships are only moving money from their own pockets… to their other pockets.  The school does not necessarily lose any real cash, which means that you will be able to win more award funding.

There are lots of colleges out there, but you will probably only want to work with a select few.  Unfortunately, occupational therapy is not quite a common major, so your options may be limited.  The good part is that when you find the right college that supports you goal, you will not only find yourself in a great program, but businesses will come to you for employees, and you will be able to find the most comprehensive scholarship funding.  Here are a few to look for.

Columbia University in New York offers several scholarships to Occupational Therapy students both at the beginning entry-level and returning enrolled levels. There are several general tuition scholarships based on financial need or high academic standards. Those scholarships specific to Occupational Therapy include:

  • The May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation Scholarship – Two Occupational Therapy students each year receive $10,000 each.
  • The Dorothy M. Catana Magee Scholarship – Several $1,000 scholarships are awarded to Occupational Therapy students.
  • The Crane Fund for Widows and Children – Two $5,000 scholarships are presented to Occupational Therapy students.

The University of Texas Medical Branch School of Allied Health Sciences offers several scholarships that are open to all students regardless of area of study, including Occupational Therapy. Some of these scholarships include:

  • The Edith and Emanuel Cohen/Evelyn A, Gerstein Memorial Scholarship – Incoming students to the college who exhibit great leadership and service are eligible.
  • The Edgar and Grace Gnitzinger Scholarship – Second or third year students at the college can apply. Good academic performance and a written essay are two prerequisites.
  • The Warm Springs Cornerstone Scholarship in Occupational Therapy – This is a merit scholarship that is also based on achievement and outstanding aptitude in college.