December 12, 2019

Physical Therapy

There are few jobs more satisfying and rewarding than those in Physical Therapy.  In fact, it is rather on the happier side of the medical industry.  Usually, doctors and nurses end up seeing people get sick, but they never get to see them get well.  Physical Therapists get to experience the joy of ushering that person from being completely incapable in their current state, to being capable of living a rather normal life again.  It is often the last stage of the hospital and surgical process, which means that it is rather enjoyable to watch people get well again.  In addition to that, the physical therapy field is rich with opportunities.


Difficult To Engage

Perhaps one of the only drawbacks of going into physical therapy is the fact that it is not like it used to be.  If you were to enter physical therapy several years ago, then you would have simply gone through the basic bachelors program and that was it.  Unfortunately, things aren’t as inexpensive any longer.  The future physical therapist will now have to go into four years of a BS only to then have to get their Master’s degree in an accredited graduate program.


Crucial Nature of Scholarships

Because the schooling for a physical therapist is expensive (not because it is expensive schooling, but it will cost more cumulatively), it is absolutely to get your hands on scholarships.  The reason is that more often than not, the physical therapist may not make enough early on in order to justify having a masters degree.  Unless you can pay for it out of pocket, then you will have to track down scholarships.  If you don’t, then your starting salary may get swallowed up in the expense of loan payments.


Opportunities Exist

Among some of the best, you will find the most money coming from college sponsored options.  The reason is because physical therapy is often dedicated based on a college per college basis.  Few colleges will actually have the necessary facilities to adequately accommodate that major.  The good part is that all the opportunities will be concentrated, making them easier to find.

You will not be short on scholarships if you make sure to go to colleges that provide them.  There are other foundation based options, but the most of your money will be coming from colleges.

Also, do keep in mind the option of working for the military.  During the war on terror, there are many soldiers returning who will need your services and expertise.  The military will come loaded with opportunity, and they will also provide a near full ride in scholarships.


The Scholarships Available

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Physical Therapy students can qualify for scholarships from the school itself. There are several devoted to first year students as well as second year students. A few are highlighted below:

  • Caroline, Clara, Charles and Mildred Harper Scholarship – Two female first year Physical Therapy students who show financial need and outstanding academic achievement are awarded $1,200 scholarships.
  • Barbara Ellen Gerlich-Hoefeyzer Scholarship – An $800 scholarship is awarded to both a first year and second year Physical Therapy student who shows financial need, outstanding academic merit and potential leadership within the Physical Therapy community.
  • Margaret Kohli Scholarship – Physical Therapy students in their last year of studies are encouraged to apply. This $2,000 scholarship is based on high academic achievement, community service, leadership and an interest in a Physical Therapy academic career.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill also offers scholarships to eligible Physical Therapy students. Financial need and scholastic excellence are the two biggest criteria.

  • Charlotte Money Beatty Memorial Scholarship Fund – Minority Physical Therapy students are given first preference in regards to eligibility and then to those who wish to focus on pediatric physical therapy. The monetary award varies each year.
  • Rebecca Irene Sande Scholarship Fund – All first year Physical Therapy students are encouraged to apply. It is a $3,000 scholarship award.