December 6, 2019

Social Science

There are few professions that have a humanitarian slant as much as the Social Sciences.  Social Science basically aims to figure out the various causes of wars, human trafficking, domestic violence, crime, and other problems related to the human condition.  If you have a heart to help in these areas, then your expertise would be greatly appreciated.  That is why getting into a social sciences major could be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever done.

Of course, getting an excellent education may have to come from a very expensive school, and unfortunately, those who work in the social sciences either are government employees or they work for charitable non-profit organizations and lobbying groups.  This is what often stops good students from reaching their dreams, ultimately to end up with a major that is not their passion.  The key to keeping your course is to get yourself scholarships.


The Best Way To Get Scholarships

If you are looking to get your hands on scholarships with the social sciences major, then you need to use your greatest assets.  Essentially, your career will be tailored towards the charitable side of the public and private sectors.  Because of this, there are often very large scholarship trust funds to be tapped.

Now, if you are able, you should try to apply to mainline and major specific scholarships.  This will take some time, and unfortunately, it will not cover the whole cost.  Doing it this way may save your two grand here and there.

While you are in your freshmen year of college, you will want to do some regular volunteering for a cause of your choice.  This will give you the credibility and connections you will need in order to be put in line for scholarship funding.  Now, you may want to make sure that this particular charity or organization will have scholarship funding available ahead of time.  You don’t want to waste your time here, as this is one of the most crucial things you can do.


The Consultation

Once you’ve put in a few months of time, you will want to talk to someone that is hire up in that organization.  This is the reason why you want to choose an organization that is one where you can see yourself establishing the first parts of your career: The best way to receive scholarship funding is to actually work for that organization.  Both businesses and nonprofit charities often have college payment aid programs, and these can be some of the most lucrative sources for cash on your tuition.

In this way, you will be able to cut down on the student loans that would prevent you from working in newer, less established organizations.  More often than not, the difficulty in beginning a non-profit organization is that it takes several years to get started, and if you are paying student loans for those years, it will cut your dreams short.

To get yourself started off, here are a few scholarships you might want to consider.  Once you’ve done the preliminary work for these, you might want to track down an organization of your choice before the end of your senior year in high school.

The New Leader Scholarship funded by the Goldman Foundation provides monetary support to students pursuing graduate studies in the social sciences or humanities at a California college or university. Awards are extremely competitive and require applicants to prove academic excellence and financial need. Up to $7,000 may be granted to New Leader Scholars.

Utah State University College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences sponsors a lengthy list of endowed scholarships that target specific graduate and undergraduate studies within the arts, humanities and social sciences. Those general enough for a basic social science major, include:

  • Conway B. and Elaine W. Sonne Memorial Scholarship recognizes a student who is exemplary for leadership abilities. Selection is made by Mountain West Center for Regional Studies.
  • Garth N. and Verda Marie Clegg-Jones and Family Scholarship is awarded to graduate or undergraduate students in the social sciences.
  • O. Guy Cardon and M.N. Neuberger Scholarship in Social Sciences is not open for application, but the recipient is selected by faculty nomination.