December 12, 2019

Special Ed

Working with the mentally challenged community has some of the greatest benefits.  The desire to help those who otherwise cannot help themselves is one that can give satisfaction in your life for many years.  Especially in helping children, you will have a very large impact on their lives and that of the community.  Of course, you will need to be trained and educated to find yourself in a field like this.  That is why it is crucial that you get a degree from an excellent school with a good track record.  Also, some schools specialize in working with the mentally challenged, and these will offer you the greatest teaching and the best opportunities for either furthering your education, or getting into a well-paying career.


The Drawback


Special Education teachers will not always have the best salaries in the school building.  Now, they will not be making the least amount, but for the price tag of the education required, it can prohibit many good students from reaching the goal of being a Special Education teacher.  This is one reason why it is so important to find scholarships.

But where are the best ones, and how can your get them?


Find the Best School

In a field like this, your best bet is going to be getting into a school that deals with this subject especially.  If there is a very large emphasis on special education, then you will not only have plenty of job opportunities to sift through, but you will also have lots of scholarships concentrated upon your particular college.

Certain colleges get certain special scholarships.  A college that has a specialty like this one, that will be the key to finding funding for your education.


Special Education- Loan Forgiveness

There are a few programs that exist, which allow a certain teacher to go to an inner city school district.  Now, these districts have a reputation of being a bit “rough around the edges”, but they have a very interesting program, which may be of help to you.  If you are having no luck finding scholarships, then might consider teaching at one of these inner city schools.  Once you are there for a certain number of years, they will enact their “loan forgiveness” program, which is like a reverse scholarship.

You will basically watch your college debt disappear.  From then on, you can either decide if you would like to stick around, or you can decide to move to another school district, that choice is up to you.

These are a few other scholarship programs that you may find interesting:

The University of Northern Illinois College of Education:

  • Iris Adams Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in special education. This is also a need-based scholarship.
  • Jesse Griffith Memorial scholarship goes to a student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Special Education.
  • Teacher Education Scholarships are awarded to minority and new students majoring in early childhood education or special education. Students are chosen on a combination of criteria, including academic merit, financial need and involvement in related extracurricular activities.

Illinois State University sponsors a long list of scholarships solely designed for special education students. Among them:

  • Kelli Stackhouse Scholarship for undergraduate continuing students in special education. Selection is based on academics and leadership. Awards $500 or better.
  • James and Edith Aagesen Ward Family Scholarship Fund is awarded to an undergraduate junior or senior. Qualified applicants must have a demonstrated financial need, possess top academic skills and be outstanding enough to be nominated for consideration by faculty. Awards may be $4500.
  • The Diversity Recognition Award is intended to boost participation by minorities in the field of special education. Open to undergraduate or graduate students.
  • Wanda and Dale Weaver Endowed Scholarship recognizes the academic accomplishments and career goals of a special education major who is concentrating in teaching deaf students.