December 12, 2019


Are you someone who wants to find a stable career, which is salted with routine and peppered with a change of plans?  Well, then a career in teaching might be your style.  Teaching is one of those professions that may not pay very much in the beginning, but it can be very rewarding as your career begins to blossom.  But there are a few ins and outs that you may want to consider, especially when having to do with the necessity of finding good scholarships.  Scholarships will expand your possibilities, and here’s how:


Rewarding Career (If You Wish It)

One of the biggest aspects about teaching is that the salary is a little meager in the beginning.  This is unfortunate, because that is when you need the pay the most.  Student loans have the capacity to make it so that you can’t work at certain schools.  However, if you were able to get someone to pay for your education, then you could teach at virtually any school and still live quite comfortably.

For instance, there are many classical and religious private schools that can provide an ideal atmosphere for the learning student.  These places have a tendency to hold higher standards, which means that the job itself can bring satisfaction and personal reward.  The only problem is that schools such as these tend not to be able to offer higher salaries.  This will prohibit you from teaching there because you have to cover your student loans.  So, you are faced with a choice of either going to a less qualified, cheaper school, or you can get scholarships and go to a highly qualified, expensive school.  The choice is yours, but what will expand your options?


More Qualified Schools

Going to a more qualified school will offer you the ability of teaching wherever you want.  Especially if you have a coveted degree from an excellent school, there are many districts that will be tripping over themselves to offer you a job.

For this reason, it is crucial that you get yourself an education from a great school, and at the same time, get other folks to foot the bill.

Teaching will not offer too many scholarships from the private sector.  There aren’t many corporations that will give sums of money to something that does not help make them sales.  However, there is a very large amount of government, state, and federal grants, and charitable organizations that can give a good deal of assistance to good students.  This financial assistance might just be enough to get you the job of your dreams in a very rewarding career.

These are some scholarships to watch out for:

Oregon PTA Teacher Education Scholarship

– Applications will be mailed beginning January 1st
– Applications must be postmarked on or before March 22nd
– References can be mailed separately, but also must be postmarked on or before March 1st
– The scholarship is a one-time $500 award; scholarship recipients may, however, re-apply in
subsequent years.
– You don’t have to be a freshman…can be in any year of a college or graduate teaching program.
– Oregon PTA will not accept faxes or electronic applications for the Teacher Education Scholarship.

Jean Evenstad Memorial Scholarship

A 1965 graduate of VCSU and a native of Fingal, ND, Ms. Evenstad provided funds from her estate to establish one scholarship valued at $800 and two at $1,000 each. These scholarships are made available to students pursuing an English education degree. FRom 1966 to 1992, Ms. Evenstad taught at the North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton, where she chaired the Department of English and Humanities for seven years.

WGU Aspiring School Principals Scholarships

Western Governors University is pleased to offer the WGU Aspiring School Principals Scholarships. These scholarships are designed to help aspiring school principals attend college online to move into the leadership position of principal.

Who Should Apply
– Individuals interested in the M.S. in Educational Leadership

About the Scholarship
A WGU Aspiring Principals Scholarship is valued up to $2,000. The scholarship will be credited to your account at the rate of $500 per six-month term, renewable each year for up to a maximum of four terms. You will be required to reapply for the scholarship each year for renewal.