February 21, 2019

AFSA AAFSW Merit Award Awarded by American Foreign Service Association (AFSA)

The AFSA AAFSW Merit Award is a scholarship sponsored by American Foreign Service Association (AFSA).

Information About the Scholarship:

Award Amount: Minimum – $100, Average – $1000, Maximum – $1500
Application Deadline: 6-February
Scholarship Requirements: Candidate must be a dependent of a U.S. government Foreign Service employee (active or retired). Membership in the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) or the Association of American Foreign Service Women (AAFSW) is required.
Eligible for: Contact sponsor

Awarded by:

American Foreign Service Association (AFSA)
2101 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037
Phone: 202 338 4045
Fax: 202 338 6820

Contact Details:

Lori Dec
Scholarship Administrator

It is important to make you application easy to read. A scholarship application reviewer from AFSA AAFSW Merit Awardname, no doubt, must go through thousands of these documents on a yearly basis. That must get very old, very quickly. In addition to that, nothing would drive you crazy more than seeing stupid mistakes on an application. So, if your application is easy to read, without any glaring errors, you’ve already made friends with the reviewer. Reviewers are the gatekeepers, and it is important that you get them on your side.

Sometimes, it is important to view scholarship searching like fishing. You need to throw your net out of the boat, and drag the dark, murky bottom of the river. Of course, when you start pulling in your nets, it might not seem like you have much, but there could be hundreds of fish on the other end. It takes patience, and a good knowledge of where the best parts of the river are. In the same way, searching for a scholarship like AFSA AAFSW Merit Awardname is going to take some patience, but there could be thousands and thousands of dollars waiting for you. Do keep in mind that the search is worth it. If you attempt to put your entire education on student loans, you will be paying them off for the next thirty four years. And in this economy, there’s no guarantee of a job afterwards. The best way to go is to get someone else like American Foreign Service Association (AFSA)name to pay for that education.

American Foreign Service Association (AFSA)

American Foreign Service Association (AFSA)