September 26, 2018

John E. Morton Award Awarded by University of Florida

The John E. Morton Award is a scholarship sponsored by University of Florida.

Information About the Scholarship:

Award Amount: Average – $5000
Scholarship Requirements: Candidate must be a full-time student and a U.S. citizen. Selection is based upon merit and ability. Preference is given to female applicants.
Eligible for: Master’s or Doctoral-level study

Awarded by:

University of Florida
PO Box 114000
Gainesville, FL 32611-4000
Phone: 904 392 3261

Contact Details:

Warren Viessman

312 Weil Hall

It is important to make you application easy to read. A scholarship application reviewer from John E. Morton Awardname, no doubt, must go through thousands of these documents on a yearly basis. That must get very old, very quickly. In addition to that, nothing would drive you crazy more than seeing stupid mistakes on an application. So, if your application is easy to read, without any glaring errors, you’ve already made friends with the reviewer. Reviewers are the gatekeepers, and it is important that you get them on your side.

For instance, you don’t have strong references. Or, you might not have the best of work histories. Sometimes, these things are considered, but you need to outweigh them. The reviewers are also people, and if you sway them in one direction with a strong part of your application, you might just make them forget about your tarnished side. So, if you you don’t have solid references for University of Florida, then write an essay that is stellar. Essays are one of the best ways to look like a solid applicant for the simple fact that you can take just about as long as you want on them, and they are a window into the essence of you. If you boast a strong essay, but other parts of your application are lacking, you might just be able to squeak by the gatekeeper.

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