January 24, 2019

Joseph L. Fisher Dissertation Award Awarded by Resources for the Future

The Joseph L. Fisher Dissertation Award is a Fellowship sponsored by Resources for the Future.

Information About the Scholarship:

Amount of Fellowship: Average – $12000
Application Deadline: 28-February
Scholarship Requirements: Candidate must have completed the preliminary examinations for the doctorate not later than February 1. Applicant should submit a brief letter of application and a curriculum vitae, a graduate transcript, a one-page abstract of his or her dissertation, a technical summary of the dissertation not to exceed 2,500 words in length, a letter from the department chair or other university official, and two letters of recommendation.
Eligible for: Other postgraduate-level education

Awarded by:

Resources for the Future
1616 P Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036-1400
Phone: 202 328 5000
Fax: 202 328 3460

Contact Details:

Coordinator of Academic Programs

Phone: 202 328 5060

Sometimes, it is important to view scholarship searching like fishing. You need to throw your net out of the boat, and drag the dark, murky bottom of the river. Of course, when you start pulling in your nets, it might not seem like you have much, but there could be hundreds of fish on the other end. It takes patience, and a good knowledge of where the best parts of the river are. In the same way, searching for a scholarship like Joseph L. Fisher Dissertation Awardname is going to take some patience, but there could be thousands and thousands of dollars waiting for you. Do keep in mind that the search is worth it. If you attempt to put your entire education on student loans, you will be paying them off for the next thirty four years. And in this economy, there’s no guarantee of a job afterwards. The best way to go is to get someone else like Resources for the Futurename to pay for that education.

If you are currently applying for Joseph L. Fisher Dissertation Awardname, one of your best practices is to save all of your work on the computer. Don’t simply write out your essay, you should type it out first, and then attach it with a staple. The importance here is that you gain the ability to reuse many of the answers on the application, especially the essay itself. This will save you time, and it will allow you to apply to even more places awarded by different sponsors, like Resources for the Futurename. The more places you can apply to, the better your chances of landing some serious scholarship money. You don’t want to find yourself doing just enough scholarships to get none of them. It’s best to get as many hooks in the water as possible.

Resources for the Future

Resources for the Future