January 17, 2020

Lane Redman Scholarship Awarded by Chester College of New England

The Lane Redman Scholarship is a financial award sponsored by Chester College of New England.

Information About the Scholarship:

Award Amount: Average – $500
Scholarship Requirements: Preference given to applicants from the town of Chester, N.H.

Awarded by:

Chester College of New England
40 Chester Street
Chester, NH 03036
Phone: 603 887 4401
Fax: 603 887 1777
Website URL: http://www.chestercollege.edu

Contact Details:


You need to know your audience. For instance, if you are applying to Lane Redman Scholarshipname that is very “philanthropist friendly”, then be sure to describe all the times you volunteered, went on missions trips, etc. Also, if you are applying to a military institution, then be sure to talk about your leadership abilities and even your family’s heritage with the military. Not all applications are the same, and some need specific tailoring. Also, make sure that you are not saying in two words what you could say in one word. The easier your application is to read through, then your audience will not grow board reading it. You want to make it very simple and easy to read, offering you a chance to get them to like you.

It is important to make you application easy to read. A scholarship application reviewer from Lane Redman Scholarshipname, no doubt, must go through thousands of these documents on a yearly basis. That must get very old, very quickly. In addition to that, nothing would drive you crazy more than seeing stupid mistakes on an application. So, if your application is easy to read, without any glaring errors, you’ve already made friends with the reviewer. Reviewers are the gatekeepers, and it is important that you get them on your side.

Chester College of New England

Chester College of New England