August 23, 2019

Leadership Advancement Grant Awarded by North American Baptist Seminary

The Leadership Advancement Grant is sponsored by North American Baptist Seminary.

Information About the Scholarship:

Amount of Grant: Average – $850
Application Deadline: 1-July
Eligible for: Master’s-level education

Awarded by:

North American Baptist Seminary
1525 South Grange Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Phone: 605 336 6588
Fax: 605 335 9090

Contact Details:

Melissa Hiatt
Director of Enrollment Services

Phone: 605 336 6588

You need to know your audience. For instance, if you are applying to Leadership Advancement Grantname that is very “philanthropist friendly”, then be sure to describe all the times you volunteered, went on missions trips, etc. Also, if you are applying to a military institution, then be sure to talk about your leadership abilities and even your family’s heritage with the military. Not all applications are the same, and some need specific tailoring. Also, make sure that you are not saying in two words what you could say in one word. The easier your application is to read through, then your audience will not grow board reading it. You want to make it very simple and easy to read, offering you a chance to get them to like you.

Applying for Leadership Advancement Grantname does not have to be a difficult task, if you play your cards correctly. It is crucial that you keep your mind clear and that you don’t rush it. Any puncutation or spelleing that seems out of place will be a red flag. It is very important that you watch what you are doing, and always check over your work when you are finished. For instance, it you end up spelling the name of your college wrongly, or sponsor: North American Baptist Seminaryname , even provide the wrong information for references, it not only diminishes your credibility, but it also annoys the reviewer.

North American Baptist Seminary