August 21, 2019

Leadership Incentive Grant Awarded by Bethel College

The Leadership Incentive Grant is sponsored by Bethel College.

Information About the Scholarship:

Amount of Grant: Average – $800
Scholarship Requirements: Candidate must be a woman and recipient of the Girl Scout Gold Award.
Eligible for: College freshman

Awarded by:

Bethel College
212 Cherry Street
McKenzie, TN 38201
Phone: 800 441 4940

Contact Details:

Financial Aid Office

If you are currently applying for Leadership Incentive Grantname, one of your best practices is to save all of your work on the computer. Don’t simply write out your essay, you should type it out first, and then attach it with a staple. The importance here is that you gain the ability to reuse many of the answers on the application, especially the essay itself. This will save you time, and it will allow you to apply to even more places awarded by different sponsors, like Bethel Collegename. The more places you can apply to, the better your chances of landing some serious scholarship money. You don’t want to find yourself doing just enough scholarships to get none of them. It’s best to get as many hooks in the water as possible.

It is important to make you application easy to read. A scholarship application reviewer from Leadership Incentive Grantname, no doubt, must go through thousands of these documents on a yearly basis. That must get very old, very quickly. In addition to that, nothing would drive you crazy more than seeing stupid mistakes on an application. So, if your application is easy to read, without any glaring errors, you’ve already made friends with the reviewer. Reviewers are the gatekeepers, and it is important that you get them on your side.

Bethel College