October 19, 2019

Wadleigh Scholarship Awarded by Chester College of New England

The Wadleigh Scholarship is an award sponsored by Chester College of New England.

Information About the Scholarship:

Amount of Scholarship: Average – $500
Scholarship Requirements: Candidate must demonstrate financial need and demonstrate that he or she has helped to earn part of the funds needed for his or her college education.
Eligible for: Applicant must be a college freshman, sophmore, junior or senior.

Awarded by:

Chester College of New England
40 Chester Street
Chester, NH 03036
Phone: 603 887 4401
Fax Number: 603 887 1777

Contact Details:


It is important to make you application easy to read. A scholarship application reviewer from Wadleigh Scholarshipname, no doubt, must go through thousands of these documents on a yearly basis. That must get very old, very quickly. In addition to that, nothing would drive you crazy more than seeing stupid mistakes on an application. So, if your application is easy to read, without any glaring errors, you’ve already made friends with the reviewer. Reviewers are the gatekeepers, and it is important that you get them on your side.

Applying for Wadleigh Scholarshipname does not have to be a difficult task, if you play your cards correctly. It is crucial that you keep your mind clear and that you don’t rush it. Any puncutation or spelleing that seems out of place will be a red flag. It is very important that you watch what you are doing, and always check over your work when you are finished. For instance, it you end up spelling the name of your college wrongly, or sponsor: Chester College of New Englandname , even provide the wrong information for references, it not only diminishes your credibility, but it also annoys the reviewer.

Chester College of New England

Chester College of New England