June 19, 2019

Willie and Lois McCann Memorial AMVETS Scholarship Awarded by AMVETS, Illinois Department

The Willie and Lois McCann Memorial AMVETS Scholarship is an award sponsored by AMVETS, Illinois Department.

Information About the Scholarship:

Application Deadline: 1-March
Scholarship Requirements: Candidate must be an Illinois resident attending school in Illinois, be single, be the child of a veteran, and submit ACT scores, transcripts, rank in class, and tax forms.
Eligible for: College freshman

Awarded by:

AMVETS, Illinois Department
2200 South Sixth Street
Springfield, IL 62703
Email: amvets@warpnet.net
Phone: 217 528 4713
Fax Number: 217 528 9896

Contact Details:

Shanna Hughes/Brian Van Houten
Office Manager/Administrative Clerk

Email: offmgr@amvets.com
Phone: 217 528 4713
Fax Number: 217 528 9896

You need to know your audience. For instance, if you are applying to Willie and Lois McCann Memorial AMVETS Scholarshipname that is very “philanthropist friendly”, then be sure to describe all the times you volunteered, went on missions trips, etc. Also, if you are applying to a military institution, then be sure to talk about your leadership abilities and even your family’s heritage with the military. Not all applications are the same, and some need specific tailoring. Also, make sure that you are not saying in two words what you could say in one word. The easier your application is to read through, then your audience will not grow board reading it. You want to make it very simple and easy to read, offering you a chance to get them to like you.

If you are currently applying for Willie and Lois McCann Memorial AMVETS Scholarshipname, one of your best practices is to save all of your work on the computer. Don’t simply write out your essay, you should type it out first, and then attach it with a staple. The importance here is that you gain the ability to reuse many of the answers on the application, especially the essay itself. This will save you time, and it will allow you to apply to even more places awarded by different sponsors, like AMVETS, Illinois Departmentname. The more places you can apply to, the better your chances of landing some serious scholarship money. You don’t want to find yourself doing just enough scholarships to get none of them. It’s best to get as many hooks in the water as possible.

AMVETS, Illinois Department

AMVETS, Illinois Department