December 12, 2019


The Latino population in the US continues to grow, even to the point where there will be a projected major minority in the US within five years.  Now, that is definitely an increase, but with that, so will opportunities for Latino Americans.  In fact, because you are considered the most disadvantaged out of all minority classes, there is a pretty sizable chance that you will be hard pressed to have to pay for you college.  The key is, make sure that your grades and standardized testing scores are intact.


How To Get Them

If you are hoping to be inline for Hispanic and Latino based scholarships, then your two best assets are going to be both foundations and government programs.  The reason for that is the fact that these to sectors are leaders in philanthropist activities.  Now the major thing you need to keep in mind is that they want to make sure that you will use your college education, and what better way to do that than to look at your performance history known as the almighty GPA.

  • Always make sure that your GPA is high, because if it begins to dip, then that may disqualify for a bunch of money that you could have had.
  • Make sure that your standardized testing is at its best.  If you are not proficient in testing, then it will be worth your while to take classes on the subject.
  • Make sure that you are volunteering in your community, because this shows that you are not only trying to get a paycheck.  Even though your success will benefit the economy, you will be more likely to succeed if you are fighting for others that are less fortunate than you.


The Trifectum

If you are hoping to get your hands on the most scholarship money possible, then you need to respect the scholarship three rule.  The three things that you must respect are GPA, Testing, and Volunteering.  If you have these down, then there is not a whole lot that can stop you, especially considering the fact that you are in fact a minority.  Scholarship funds from both the private and public sectors are just itching to support you efforts for a better life and a degree.  In this way, you will have more of a chance to help out your community and become a contributing member of society.  You don’t have to settle for less, when more is right in front of you.


The Scholarships

Adelante’s Mission: To inspire the best and brightest Latino college students to graduate and succeed through scholarships, internships and leadership development
Adelante! Fund Scholarships are Sponsored by MillerCoors, MillerCoors Texas, MillerCoors Chicago, Hispanic Organization for Public Employees (HOPE)
Application Timeline: February 1 to May 1
Scholarships Available: Scholarship Range $1000 to $3000
MillerCoors Brewing Company
1.) Be eligible for JUNIOR or SENIOR status at a college or university by Fall.
2.) Pursue a degree in the following: International Business, General Business, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Public Relations, or Sales
3.) Must be a US citizen or Legal Permanent Resident.
4.) Have and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above (on a 4.0 scale).
5.) Maintain full-time enrollment status throughout duration of the scholarship term.
6.) Provide two letters of recommendation which express leadership potential.
7.) Participate in Adelante’s Annual Leadership Institute and possibly participate in a paid internship.
8.) Attend a Participating University (Please refer to our website for Partnering Institutions).

For most Hispanic females, cultural norms may prove the staunchest adversaries. Hispanic women have traditionally stayed home and raised families, but contemporary women of all backgrounds want more. Girls, for this express reason you have untold scholarship riches. Minority female students with a passion for science, math, or computers have more leverage than almost any other demographic when it comes to winning money for college. That’s power.