December 8, 2019

Women’s Scholarships

As a female in the US, it has been a long fight to get women the same rights as men.  Since the 1920’s with the beginnings of Women’s Suffrage, those strides began to get bigger and bigger, to the point where there are more opportunities out there than ever.  Of course, no one can deny that a glass ceiling exists, but with Nancy Pelosi becoming the Speaker of the House under the Obama Administration, that ceiling is beginning to shatter in a very big way.  Now days, women have the opportunities to not only go to school but have others pay for school.  Since many careers will award more to women than to men, these scholarship opportunities may just offset that unfortunate fact.  If you were looking for girl-power, you might have just found it.


Women Advantages In College

College is a great place for women to experience advantages, especially in the realm of finding scholarships.  In fact, during this era, thought the advancements of society, the most disadvantaged people are white, middle class, males.  Women still don’t fit into that bracket, obviously, which means that you are in line for several thousands of dollars in government funding and grants, in addition to insane amount of doled out cash from non-profit organizations and foundations.

Now there are quite a few foundations that will have your best interests at heart, but were you will find the most in opportunities is by hitting up the US federal government for a check.  The are always more apt to funding women (especially for college) than men.  In addition to that, special interest foundations like Planned Parenthood have given out scholarships just for the fact that a women is in need of money to go to school.  But where do you find these scholarships?


The Web

Your best bet is always going to be the web.  Now, you can go asking around, but where you will the most viable results in one place is by doing generic and specific searches.

What makes you unique?  What set you apart from the other students that are trying to get into the same college?  These answers may determine just how much you can get for your scholarships, so always make sure that you are touting that which makes you… well… you.  If you can draw, play music, are good at math, whatever it takes, flaunt it proudly, because it may just be worth it.


Finding the Scholarships For You

Selective scholarships for women may often be found right on your college campus or from the college of your choice. Go directly to the department in which you’d most likely major for the most relevant scholarships. Here are a couple examples:

  • The Velma E. Stuit Scholarships for Women in Mathematics, Statistics, or Science, from the University of Iowa. Awards are $2,000.
  • Bethel College Visual Arts scholarships programs invite talented art students to submit portfolios for selection.

If you already know what major you will pursue, then pinpoint scholarships specifically targeted to your interests: shop for the professional associations and organizations that fit your passions. Two very good examples are above, the American Association of University Women and the Society of Women Engineers.

Visit the organization’s student website, explore the types of scholarships offered, and what educational and learning opportunities are provided. You’ll have an advantage if you join an organization. Become involved in your chapter. This is the best strategy for winning money.

Undergraduate females have the chance to win a paid, ten-week internship at one of three IBM locations. In addition to the pay, winners will receive a $2,500 grant and the opportunity to work with an IBM employee. The American Physical Society (APS) and IBM will award this internship to sophomore and junior college women interested in pursuing a graduate education in science or engineering.