December 12, 2019

Award Types

Award Types and 5 Rules for Accessing Your Funding Potential


Some rules you encounter are Golden, to always be taken into account forever and not forgotten. These are definitely useful and important trail markers to guide us and allow us to stay always on the right track.

Here are 5 of the best Golden Rules that connect with earning the most scholarship money for your undergraduate and graduate career.


Golden Rule # 1 –

First, do not ignore the possibility of government funding.

Grants are an excellent way to get 100% free money. The tried and tested basis for doing it in this manner is doing well on your SAT’s and ACT’s. This will ensure that you are seen as a very proficient student and have a high aptitude for success. Remember, You need be sure to practice on your standardized testing, and don’t be afraid to take them on multiple occasions.


Golden Rule # 2 –

Once you’ve gotten the standardized testing out of the way, the government funding option will often take care of itself. Now, start your search for privatized funding.

This may affect you down the road because this part will take you quite a bit longer. Some of these companies, trusts, and firms are not always the easiest to find. You might have to do some research here. Make certain and don’t forget that these companies are looking for reasons to give you money. Have essays and resume’s handy. If you write out and collect all these things ahead of time, your life will be much easier.


Golden Rule # 3 –

Never forget that the Military has a $50 BILLION spending budget, and will do anything to have good, smart people working for them.

The military is a great way to go, and they tend to be a springboard for success. There are plenty of reasons you need to do this carefully. It’s important because getting into the military is no easy commitment. Depending on your field, it will test your skill, character, and ability to adjust to stress. But, make no mistake; it is almost a bottomless pit of money and great benefit packages after college.


Golden Rule # 4 –

Student societies (IE. Honor Society, Sororities, and Fraternities) have a high potential for offering lots of money to getting into college.

You would get this done by making sure that your grades stay high, and you do well on your standardized testing. Also, do not forget that you get into volunteering activities.

These societies are often chock full of old money, and they are intertwined with the college itself. In many instances, the college might simply lower the cost of your education, because the society happens to be apart of the educational institution.


Golden Rule # 5 –

Mind your career.

If you make sure to get into a career that generally offers more in scholarships, you might still be able to get into the field of your choice. Ways to do this step include if you wish to go into cartooning, you might instead decide to go into the “Fine Arts” which can offer you boatloads of cash. You’ll want to accomplish this carefully. These companies want you to be educated, because there is a big chance that you will work for them in the future. The more you are educated, the better off they will be. You have the potential of making them more money than they pay you in scholarships, salaries, and benefits combined. Don’t underestimate your value..


Have confidence and believe in these Golden Rules to earning the most scholarship money for your undergraduate and graduate career, and you will find that you won’t take out near the student loans you once thought you might have had to. They’ve been time-tested and also have been proved to be true. Follow them carefully and your own ultimate success could be assured and your satisfaction greater.