December 12, 2019

Student Type

There are several different ways to find scholarships.  You can find them based on your major; you can find them based on your experience and passion.  You can even find them based on which college you currently go to (or plan on going to.)  There are many ways to find scholarships, but one of the most lucrative and typical ways to find scholarships are to do it based on your student type and life situation.

If you find it this way, you can sift out several different advantages that make you unique, and these don’t always have to do with what field of study you plan on going into.  In many cases, it is just the fact that you are a certain race, culture, or creed that will get you the money you need in order to pay for school.

If is these kinds of scholarships that are often funded by unique organizations, associations, and privatized trust funds.


Finding Your Niche’

It is important that you figure out what makes you unique.  These types of scholarships are by far the most common.  While you may not be able to get them to pay the full ride, they will supply money on a “here and there” basis.  You might be able to win $500 one day, $100 the next, and then you could win $1,500 from these types of funds the very next semester.

In doing it this way, it is a lot like fishing.  You keep your poll over the water, and you will eventually catch something big.  Meanwhile, you’ve caught a good bunch of little ones to account for a big chunk of your needs.


The Most Lucrative Kind

Curiously, ethnicity based scholarships are some of the most high paying ones.  If you are a minority, then there is no reason why you cannot pay for school.  In fact, it is minority groups who will have the highest percentage of grants and scholarships available to them.  Unfortunately, for non-minorities, there aren’t nearly as many opportunities.  However, it is best to figure out what makes you unique…

Can you:

  • Draw
  • Paint
  • Play Music
  • Are you religious?
  • Write
  • Are you good at sports?
  • Do you volunteer?
  • The list could go on and on.

In light of these facts, there are literally thousands of large and small charitable funds that want to give you scholarship money.  Among some of the reasons for this, the most prevalent is taxes.  When corporations, charitable organizations, and firms give to scholarships, they are actually able to claim that and get a tax break.  This is great for you and for them at the same time.


Creeds and Cultures

Are you a minority based on your sexual preference? There are tons of scholarship opportunities for you, if that is the case.  Also, are you particularly religious?  Especially if you’ve grown up in a Catholic Church, or you have strong connections to a certain denomination, you can win scholarship funding (Especially if you go to a school that has connections to the denomination.)  For instance, if you are a Southern Baptist and you go to Liberty University in Lynchburg,VA, then you will actually receive $500 off for each semester.  Savings like that are extremely valuable, and it is rather easy to become a member of a denomination.


Opportunities For Those Who Seek It

If you are someone with ambitions of going to college, but you do not have the money or credit to pay for student loans, then you will want to make sure that you are running regular scholarship searches.  Students who don’t necessarily show that they are at the top of their classes, best at sports, or even the greatest at playing instruments can still receive ample scholarship funding in order to pay for their educations.