December 6, 2019

Boy and Girl Scouts

Boy and Girl Scouts scholarships should be divided into a few categories.  Among them are the ones that offer scholarships based on the fact that you are a Boy or Girl Scout, and the other ones are given from these organizations to the scouts.

For example, there are several foundations within the BSA and GSA that offer scholarships from them to the individual student.  And, there are other outside organizations that simply want to invest in Americas most honorable, integral, and dedicated youth.  This is one of the best organizations to be apart of, as they give a way millions per year, to invest in their most prized members.  Not only is it no easy task to become a good Scout, but it is also a bit difficult to get scholarships.  Well, this is one aspect of the BSA and GSA that doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds.


From the Outside

There are actually several employers that would jump at the chance to hire a Boy (or Girl) Scout and especially and Eagle Scout.  In that case, there are several companies who would especially pay your college tuition to have you come work for them.  You will want to approach them around your sophomore year in college, and then hand in your resume.

This way you get your hands on a great job, and some of their money to finish college.  Of course, if they pay for your college, then you may have to sign a contract saying that you will work for them for a certain amount of time.  But this should translate to meaning “job security”.

Also, there are other organizations out there that would like to support you financially, just because they want someone extraordinary to invest their charitable funds in.  BSA and GSA members tend to have hire rates of success, so you will seem like s sure investment!


From the Inside

There are several scholarships from the inside of the scout organizations that will help you pay for college.  Especially if your GPA is there, you can win a hefty some of money.  In fact, for some of these scholarships, they have given out as much as $30-40,000.  That is a chunk of change, and it all gets applied to your tuition bill.

Of course, it may be worth it to note, if you have any special skills or interests like science, conservationism, etc.  there are also other moneys out there because of your uniqueness.  The more unique you are, the higher your chances.

There are three types of nationally awarded Eagle Scout scholarships. One type is academic scholarships, which include a varying number of $3,000 scholarships awarded each year by the National Eagle Scout Association, and a varying number of Mabel and Lawrence S. Cooke Scholarships. The Mabel and Lawrence S. Cooke Scholarships are awarded annually and include four $20,000 scholarships (payable at $5,000 per year) and one $48,000 scholarship (up to $12,000 payable for four years), plus a varying number of others. Scholarship committees are formed each year in each of the four BSA regions (Northeast, Southern, Central, and Western) to recommend recipients of these scholarships, with the final determination made by the national NESA Scholarship Committee.

If you’re involved in a particular religion or of a particular ethnic group, there are some scholarships out there you might not have heard about.

For instance, the Freeport, New York, based Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting offers a $1,000 scholarship as well as a $500 one to an Eagle Scout or Gold Award Girl Scout who is an active member of the Eastern Orthodox Church and has received the Alpha Omega Religious Award. They also offer one $1,000 scholarship for one scout (male or female) who is of Russian descent and involved with his or her Greek Orthodox church.

The Frank L. Weil Memorial Eagle Scout Scholarship administrated by the National Jewish Committee on Scouting is along the same vein. Eagle Scouts who have earned the Ner Tamid emblem can apply to be awarded one of three available scholarships (top prize is $1,000; the two other recipients each collect $500.)