December 12, 2019


Firefighters everywhere have an inherent advantage for doing what they do… at least in terms of the scholarships that they can win.  Not only do they belong to a tight knit group of people, but there are lots of other organizations that recognize volunteer firefighting as something that is worthy of a serious scholarship.  In which case, simply being a firefighter may be worth over $20,000 per semester, and those are realistic numbers taken by several independent statistics.

First responders as a whole are people that society tries to protect and care for.  Perhaps it is because they protect and care for us.  Whatever the reason, if you are a firefighter, than you are in line for an excellent amount of tuition assistance.

There are actually two main ways that you will be able to find scholarship assistance.  The first is from firefighter organizations on the local, state, and national level.  The second is by hitting up other conventional college sponsored scholarship opportunities, as you will have an advantage over most students.

For instance, if you are a mediocre student with just a 2.9, but you are a volunteer firefighter.  And, there is another student that has a 3.1, but they have no volunteering experience.  You will actually gain the advantage and receive the preference over the other student.


Firefighting Organizations

There are quite a few firefighting organizations all over the US, but the highest one is the International Association of Fire Chiefs.  Organizations such as these are the first ones that you should go for, for the simple fact that it will be the highest possibility of winning awards.

The awards from various firefighting associations in the US will range from just a few hundred dollars to giving over half of the college tuition.  This can prove to be wonderfully useful, in the even that you may have trouble paying for college.


Other Organizations

If you also apply to conventional college sponsored scholarships, then you will have an advantage over most other people.  One of the major criteria for winning scholarships is not just excellence in classes, but what do you do for your community?  Clearly, your volunteer occupation has left little doubt in the minds of the reviewers as to how you care for your fellow man.

This will give a great feeling to the folks giving out the scholarships.

Here are a few others that you may want to hunt down, which do include the IAFC:

To apply for the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) scholarships you must be a volunteer or professional firefighter with a couple of years experience under your belt. The IAFC makes scholarships a significant part of its mission. Applicants must be pursuing a program of study in fire science or a closely related field. Awards are up to $4,000.

The Ocean City Volunteer Fire Department in Maryland sponsors the F. Michael Sacca Scholarship in memory of one of their own who demonstrated dedication to the field. The award amount is $1,000. Applicants must demonstrate an interest in the field of firefighting and be enrolling in a Fire Science degree program at a college or university.

The Illinois Fire Chiefs Association sponsors generous scholarships for firefighters who are interested in going back to school for a degree or certification in a fire science area. Awards are as much as $2,000 and are based on professional motivation and financial need.

The South Carolina Firefighters Association provides scholarships for members interested in pursuing further certifications or degree programs that are related to the firefighting field.

The James C Basile scholarship is offered to candidates from the Ventura County who are graduating from High School and will be attending the University of California. The applicants must also have one or both parents incapacitated or killed during law enforcement or fire fighting activities.

The Glynn County fire Department Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship gives a varied amount of annual awards to children of Glynn County Fire Department members. The scholarship amount varies.

The Bluecoats, Inc. scholarships offers scholarship for active or retired Clark County firefighters who are undergraduate students attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas.