December 12, 2019


Fraternity Scholarships are among some of the most common for the simple fact that fraternities are almost all college funded institutions.  As seen on several of the other categories on College One, you will find that college sponsored scholarships are very abundant, especially for those inducted into societies and especially fraternities.

In addition to that, fraternities are a tight knit group, and the money tends to stay in the hands of the members.  This means that there is a ton of old money that is just waiting to jump on board with your education.

Some of the most common fraternities are Greek lettered, however, there are some that are not under that category.  For instance, the Engineering fraternity by the name of “Triangle” often gives away thousands in scholarships per student.  Under the government category, fraternities are charitable organizations and nonprofit foundations by definition.

This means that if they aren’t giving away money, they will have to dole it out in taxes.  What better way to give away cash than to donate it via scholarships?  Exactly!


Different Types

The best types of fraternities to find scholarships are the ones that are sponsored by colleges.  For instance, fraternities like Alpha Beta Phi are set up by the colleges themselves, but this has been known to give away near full-ride scholarships to its members.  Now, becoming a member of a fraternity is not always an easy process, as some require you to have a certain GPA, major, and other association.

Make sure you chose your fraternity wisely as this will be very valuable.

In addition to scholarships, fraternities can even provide you with access to other opportunities like the ability to build a resume and get into other corporate and government offices.  Many of these fraternities will give you a pass into elite societies, which are filled to the brim with old IV League money.


Finding the Right Fraternity

If you are trying to find a fraternity, you might be forced to make a choice.  Not all colleges support all fraternities, so you may either have to choose a college based on their fraternities, or you may have to choose fraternities based on the college.  Either way, it will be difficult to get in.  Once you are in, however, the scholarship money is easy picking.

Another key is to get into a leadership role within the fraternity.  If you do this, then you will be known by the national Greek letter association, under which that fraternity operates.


The Best Fraternities for Scholarships

Interested in Music Theory? Mu Phi Epsilon offers multiple scholarships that cover all aspects of music. Scholarships range from $400 to $7000 in aid, and are awarded based on major, musical instrument or the program in which you are enrolled.

Alpha Chi Rho offers several competitive scholarships to members ranging between $500 and $4000. Highest awards go to brothers with the best academic scores and those entering graduate school the year of their undergraduate graduation.Alpha Gamma Omega offers soon-to-be freshman undergrads at the University of California-Santa Barbara (UCSB) between $100 and $150 for maintaining a 3.0 GPA and a series of well-written essays.

Scholarship Central recently announced the creation of Financial Management Scholarship for members of the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity with the $21,000 scholarship endowment. The Pi Kappa Alpha Scholarship will provide two scholarships annually to their student members who demonstrate exemplary leadership capabilities as well as academic achievement

The Beta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity that is located in Kansas has a scholarship program every year for American-African students. And although this is fraternity scholarship, it can be applied even by those students who were not members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity as long as the applicants has desire to pursue their college education.

This fraternity is awarding $1000 scholarship for American-African college bound high school graduates. Applying for this scholarship is easy because it does not require any documents aside to completed application form. However, the $1000 scholarship will be awarded after the recipient has enrolled in college.