December 6, 2019


The very essence of homeschooling seems to be taboo in many circles.  In fact, in certain states, homeschooling seems to cause hostility.  However, statistics have shown again and again that homeschoolers are achieving higher test scores than their public school competitors for the last 8 years alone.  This string of success now has some colleges thinking about opening the gates a bit wider for homeschoolers.  The more they have, the better that college seems to do.

This also seems to ring rather true for scholarships as well.  With this good report from college entrance exams, college sponsored scholarships are now beginning to listen.  Now, quite a few state colleges like Wyoming and Kentucky are in a position that they are giving the qualified homeschoolers a pretty hefty scholarship.  This time, it seems as if brains are winning the day.


Homeschool Advantages

Not only are colleges listening to these new findings, but there are certain associations and foundations that appear to be helping as well.  Among them is the National Association for Homeschoolers or the NAH.  The NAH has stated that they will award qualified homeschoolers over $30,000 in aid over the course of four years.  This must apply to a four year degree, but it can also go to a vocational school, and even a private school as well.

Also, many homeschoolers who volunteer in the community on a regular basis will get a precedent over others.  So, make sure that you are doing your part in your community, as it could pay off later.


Other Options

Homeschoolers are also very welcome in religious institutions.  For instance, Liberty University has upped the amount of tuition assistants for homeschoolers since 2008.  In many cases, they will either give free room and board.  Also, if that homeschooler comes from an overseas missionary family, then the tuition is free (provided that he or she keeps the GPA high).

In a world that once thought that homeschoolers were shut-ins and awkward, they have seemed to unwittingly take the spotlight of the academic world.  As public school institutions at the high school level seem to deteriorate in academic performance and standard, it may be homeschoolers that end up with the scholarships, the degrees, and the jobs to match them.

If you are looking for other options that help homeschoolers with financial assistance for college, then you may want to check out the next few.


Several Options

The options below should give you an idea of the first places that you should look.

Check out all scholarships pertaining to your state of residence. Chances are, state scholarships won’t be specific to homeschoolers but will either specifically include homeschoolers or won’t exclude them. This is just one example of a state scholarship that gives specific instructions for homeschoolers.

Hathaway Scholarship awards need and merit based scholarships to eligible students. Although GPA is a selection criterion for non-homeschooled students, students who are homeschooled can bypass this requirement and submit a list of classes completed and ACT or WorkKeys score. Homeschoolers must meet all other eligibility criteria and apply for admission to a post-secondary institution before the age of 21.

Applicants must meet the Hathaway scholarship specific requirements as set forth by the four different scholarships: Hathaway Career, Opportunity, Performance or Honor. Hathaway scholarships are for study at accredited Wyoming community colleges as well as the University of Wyoming.

Today we’ve added a new scholarship for students in the state of Virginia. The Lee-Jackson Foundation reserves two of its scholarships–one for $2,000 and one for $1,000–for Virginia students who are either homeschooled or attend private school. This scholarship is based primarily on an essay, which can be about either General Robert E. Lee or Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson. The deadline for this year’s scholarship is Feb. 15, so Virginia students have about a month to write a winning essay!