December 12, 2019


These days, it is beginning to become apparent that the public school system is failing.  One government regulation, union, and Act after another has caused the system to bleed money and results.  With more and more students that are unable to make the college cut, parents are beginning to get desperate to find a place for their children to… perhaps learn in school?  What a thought.

Well, overall the K-12 private school system is no cakewalk either.  It is not because they are not suitable learning institutions, but it is rather because they are becoming a little difficult to pay for.  However, one thing is becoming more clear than ever… that is that it is worth it to pull children out of public schools.  After the No Child Left Behind debacle, it would seem obvious that the system is very much overloaded, and teacher’s hands are tied.


The Contingency

Basically, most parents are seeing private schools as a contingency.  But, you don’t always have to shell out a ton of cash in order for a better education for your child.  In fact, boarding schools and classical educations are on the top wrung, but there are many k-12 privatized institutions that will give an education comparable to the public school system  (in curriculum and not in performance), and they aren’t as expensive.

For instance, one of the best places to go is religiously based schools.  Christian schools, whether protestant or catholic, have been known to provide superior educations for less of a cost than that of a classical boarding school.  There are other benefits as well.

If you are already a religious person, then it might comfort you to know that you will be able to join the church that is connected to the school.  This usually results in a very large reduction in tuition for that particular learning institution.  In addition to that, you will have more say within a church vote concerning the direction of the school, and you will be able to have a closer relationship with the teachers.


Other Scholarships

Among some other scholarships you might find are when your child wins pageants, contests, and other community activities.  One of the best ways to figure out where the scholarship money lies is to talk to the “Financial Aid Department” at your chosen private school.  In many cases, that will be the Guidance Councillor.  The beauty here is that they will be able to tell you about any discounts you might be able to take advantage of.


Other Possibilities


In looking for K-12 scholarships, don’t depend on the usual sponsors too much. From time to time, you should know how to think out of the box. Come on, you can also find such scholarships in other places other than in schools, foundations, or minority groups.


Take summer camps as examples. As surprising as it is, summer camps offer a special form of education to your child. These camps can improve your child’s interpersonal skills, creativity, or who knows? You might discover your child’s hidden talents because of these camps. Needless to say, some summer camps are for free.

In addition to summer camp options, many states and local municipalities offer private school vouchers.  These educational vouchers will either result in a tax break when parents send their kids to a private school, or these vouchers will actually be money paid to the institution, covering much of the child’s tuition.

These actually provide a solid option, especially when the property taxes in an area are very high.  It is usually the property taxes that pump funds into the public schools, and this will provide a way for the parent to stop funding something he or she no longer believes in.