December 12, 2019


College life is rough, but balancing that with a home life, a marriage, and even kids, and it may seem just too darn impossible.  Of course, that is one reason why many foundations and charities are helping out students who got married, and are now hoping to further his or her education.

That was indeed always the paradigm.  You could either get married, or you could go to college.  There was very little middle ground in between, especially since the married person likely had a full time job to support the household.


Opportunities In Unlikely Places

For those students who are married, there are actually quite a few opportunities available.  Not only will you have more of a chance at landing an excellent job once you graduate, but you will be able to qualify for quite a few scholarships.

Many of these scholarships will actually be coming from several major companies, but it will be from their charitable wing of the building.  The support of married students is something that many businesses want to invest in for a few reasons.



In many cases, it is the simple fact that you are already married with dependents that will get you the college funding you need.  In fact, there is no better case scenario then to have a family in the eyes of the government.  So, if you are a married student, you might want to hit up Uncle Sam for the tuition assistance first.

Next, go to your employer.  They may not grant you tuition assistance “just because you are married”, but on the other hand, they always love to see their own employees become more educated and more qualified.  In fact, employees who accept scholarships from employers are likely to be more loyal to the company and the same is true visa versa.  If that company has invested thousands in you, then they are less likely to put you in line for a layoff.


Other Chances

There are plenty of other ways to pay for college if you’re married, but perhaps the best way is to go through the short list below as a starting point.  Many of the choices on here may not be feasible for some, but you are sure to find something that fits your situation.  In which case, check out that information and then start doing your homework.  Believe me, it never ever stops.


The List of Scholarship Funding For Married Students

  • There are many scholarships open to married undergraduate students. In fact, some specifically state that they are only available to married students. At Ohio State, the Ed Bacome Scholarship specifically states that married students are preferred. Idaho State offers the Carl K. Davis scholarship, which also has a preference for married students who have a pre-law major. By searching for scholarships that are only available to married students, you eliminate quite a bit of the competition.
  • If you are a married graduate student, you may find getting a scholarship a bit easier. Many graduate programs, especially those in the medical field such as Pharmacy and Nursing, realize that by this juncture in your education, you may be married. The David D. Marshall Memorial scholarship (available from Virginia Commonwealth University) was set aside to benefit married fourth year pharmacy students. The Elizabeth A. Thomas Health Sciences scholarship prefers students who are married, regardless of their financial need.
  • If you are a Christian, you may want to consider attending a Christian college. Many of them offer scholarships to help ease the financial burden of married students. Cornerstone University offers the Bertha Dewey Stock Scholarship Fund for married students preparing to enter full-time Christian ministry upon graduation. The Christ the King Assemblies of God scholarship at Southeastern University is awarded to married students (preferably married students with children) who have maintained a B average and show financial need.