December 12, 2019


There is no better place to be for paying for college than in the military.  In fact, if you’re in the military, or going through their ROTC program, you are in for almost a full ride.  There seems to be just one benefit after another for a few reasons.

  • The government is willing to invest thousands in the people that will compose the upper echelons of the armed forces.
  • The government has a near endless supply of cash ESPECIALLY in terms of its military spending budget (which is about $87 Billion per year).
  • The government is currently involved in several wars and conflicts and bases all over the globe and they are in constant need of man power.
  • The government has traditionally taken care of its new recruits for hundreds of years.
  • The government will make sure that you are properly educated for military purposes so they can maximize their advantage in the field.
  • The goverment is always trying to innovate its technologies and systems management and THIS TAKES EDUCATED PEOPLE.

It is from these six reasons that the federal government and the US military is willing to shell out thousands just to make sure that you know more than competing militaries of other nations.  Our safety depends upon it!


Government Military Opportunities

Unfortunately, if you want to go into art, music, and even graphic design, it may be difficult to find a spot.  Yes, the US military will have their own ads, bands, and other applications for artistically based cadets, most of the need will be for those students with logical, mathematical, and tactically planned minds.  If you have one of these, and don’t mind committing the next half-decade to the services of your country, then you’ve got a lot of money coming your way.  Now you just need to stay in shape!


The Most Notable

Of the opportunities, you will probably have the most in the ROTC program.  This is something upon which you should probably decide while you are in high school or at latest your college freshman year.  Other than that, there are still a ton of opportunities if you enlist.  Enlisting will give you thousands in scholarships, benefits, and salaries, but it is not the best way to get to the status of an officer.  As an officer, you will have access to far more money, and it will fast track you for rapid promotion.  It is the best way to go if you want to be saluted.


The Plan

  • The four main branches of the military – the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines – all have Reserved Officers Training Corps (ROTC) programs available. In some cases, students can get a full free ride scholarship. The programs not only differ from each branch but also from each university, so you must check out each option to determine the best scenario for you. Be advised that with the ROTC program, you will likely have commit to a certain number of years of service in exchange for your scholarship.
  • If you are the spouse of active duty military personnel, you will find that many scholarships are designed specifically for you. Students who have been married to an active duty military member (having served at least 180 active duty days since 9/11/01) can register at ThanksUSA to receive information about applying for a scholarship. They have provided 1,000 scholarships between the ranges of $1,000 and $5,000 as a way of saying thank you for the service of the military member. Army Emergency Relief offers scholarships up to $2,500 to the spouses of Army soldiers. Military spouses can refer to for more information on scholarships available.
  • The Naval ROTC program, which serves both the Navy and Marine Corps, has two and four year scholarship programs available. In both instances, upon graduation, you would have to serve a minimum of eight years of commissioned service either in the Naval Reserves or the Marine Corps Reserves.