December 12, 2019

Non Traditional

Non-Traditional scholarships are basically defined as follows:

If you are a college student that does not fit the typical (just graduated high school and now applying to the college of your choice) mold.  In essence, you might be returning to college after dropping for some time for a myriad of reasons.  Or, you are a student who ran out of cash half way through your college experience, and just couldn’t finish.  Or you got married and had kids.  There are hundreds of reasons that you might be considered a “non-traditional” college student, and unfortunately, pickings may seem a little slim in the scholarship side of the farm.

But that isn’t all true…


Know Your Market

What is the reason why you are returning?  Why did you walk away in the first place?  These are questions you will need to answer to yourself, if you are to find scholarship moneys, as this will determine where you look.

For instance, if you are someone who is looking for scholarship money to get a Master’s degree, then there are scholarships that are designed specifically for your purpose.

Also, if you are a student who hasn’t finished his or her Bachelor’s degree and would like to go back and tie it off, then there are scholarships especially for you.  There are plenty of opportunities out there, you just have to know where to look.


A Little Extra Cash

One of the biggest challenges will be on trying to find the ability to take out student loans and scholarships in order to work a job, and hit the books to finish a degree.  This may sound impossible, and while it is not, it is certainly a difficult task.  Here is something you may want to consider.

Loans these days are getting a bit out of hand, as almost everyone is buried in some kind of debt.  If you are thinking about taking this one out on student loans, don’t.  Do your best to nail down scholarship funds, and if that isn’t possible, then you may just want to pay for school a little at a time.  So, it takes you 10 years to finish… at least you will do it debt free!

In addition to that, depending on what class you’re in, you may be in line for even more money.  For instance, if you are married and considered low income, then you could be swimming in tuition money before you know it.  If you know where the advantages are, then exploit those as much as possible.


The Scholarships To Watch

  • It’s designed to heighten awareness of students’ potential future. Applicant must be a U.S. resident who is planning to or already attending an accredited undergraduate college or university. Award varies from student to student and is non-renewable. The scholarship is based on essay, application, achievements, responsibility and leadership. Documentation of enrollment or attendance of undergraduate program may be needed.
  • The scholarship is for students and alumni from any community college or 2 year colleges who are trying to pursue a B.A at a 4 year college/university. The amount varies from student to student. The maximum amount that can be awarded is $30,000. Applicants must be nominated by a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation representative.
  • Google Anita Borg Scholarship recipients will each receive a financial award for the academic year. A group of female undergraduate and graduate students will be chosen from the applicant pool, and scholarships will be awarded based on the strength of each candidate’s academic background and demonstrated leadership.

    In addition, all scholarship recipients and finalists will be invited to attend a retreat at Google. We know how important a supportive peer network can be for a student’s success. The retreat will include workshops, speakers, panelists, breakout sessions and social activities scheduled over a couple of days.