December 12, 2019

Pageant Contestants

Pageant Contestants are actually some of the luckiest people in terms of finding scholarship funding.  One reason for this is that these contestants often get there for the simple fact that they are all round good people.  It is not just beauty that wins a beauty pageant.  In fact, these people have to be ruthlessly dedicated to the community, excel at anything they do, have positive references, and last but not least, be quite the charmer.

Not only can beauty pageant winners achieve funding based on their accomplishments that got them there in the first place, but they can also win scholarship funding or the simple fact that they one the beauty pageant.  It is a self fulfilling prophecy.


Beauty Pageant Specs

One of the first things to win any beauty pageant is to have… well… beauty.  But, beauty isn’t only skin deep.  In fact, certain kinds of beauty, like the kind that wins pageants, will actually get you into quite a few opportunities.

For instance, in order to win those contests, you actually have to be a good person with morals, ethics, goals, and a brain.  In this case, you are looking at someone who is already deserving of scholarships.

This is one reason why beauty pageant winners tend to be heavy winners in terms of what one might be able to win in scholarship cash.


Outside Opportunities

Let’s take a bird’s eye look at your situation.  You’ve won that that beauty pageant because you were pretty…AND… you volunteer on a regular basis, you have an excellent reputation with your employers, you have an excellent reputation with your teachers, you’ve got a high GPA, and you are knowledgeable to hold your own in a question and answer contest.  (Not to mention, you’re a bombshell in a swimsuit.)  That is all reasons for other charities, sororities, corporations, foundations, and other nonprofit organizations to just hand you cash and say, get to it!


Pageant Scholarships

Of course, then, there are those scholarships that you can win if you win the contest.  For instance, there are several different organizations that will give you both the title and the money when you win.  Often times, that money doesn’t come in the form of cold hard cash, but it will come in the form of scholarships.  Say, you’ve won three of these things already, and you’ve been awarded $25,000 for each… we”ll you’re just about paid for on your entire college tuition.


The Opportunities

  • The AJM Scholarship Foundation, the organization behind America’s Junior Miss, administers college scholarships to the competition’s highest achievers. In the decades since the AJM Scholarship Foundation has been working with young women and providing scholarships, many of these women have gone on to attend Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford and many other distinguished colleges and universities.

    The good news is you don’t have to be Miss America or Junior Miss to win a college scholarship. Just by participating in the pageants, you have an excellent chance of winning at least a partial scholarship. Every state has the Miss America Pageant and many states and regions have different scholarship pageants.

  • It’s the World’s leading provider of scholarships to young women, providing more than 45 million dollars worth of scholarship assistance to more than 12,000 young women in one year alone. Almost all the contestants have either received or are in the process of earning undergraduate or graduate degrees, utilizing this non-profit organization’s scholarship assistance to further their education.
  • There are certain sites that are dedicated to listing pageants around the country. Some of them are localized where others are a country-wide search. and both are excellent resources to find out about pageants that are near you and whether you qualify or not. These are not always beauty pageants. They can be for boys and girls alike, for beauty, community service and talent.