December 6, 2019


Are you someone who had to quit college for some reason?  Did you get married?  Did you run out of loan money?  Did you find a job, and never got to go back?  Whatever the reason, there are several ways to make sure that you can finish school and fulfill your dreams.  Of course, nothing is worse than trying to pay for college while you’re trying to run a career, pay a mortgage, fill the gas tank, and feed a family, all the while make sure that you are doing well in your classes.  Finding scholarships will make everything much easier on you, and in some cases, you might be able to kill two birds with one stone (figuratively speaking of course).


Running On Empty

If you have already quit college one time, but hope to return, then you are probably aware that your school loan payments have already begun.  These can really kill a paycheck, and you need to make sure that you are paying your bills.  This is one reason why many students never go back… what do you do with those loan payments?

Well, there is a rather simple solution that many are not aware of.  If you are going to school at least half time, you can actually get your student loans deferred.  This is one way that you can go back to school.  You can take the money that you were paying on school loans, and then apply them to paying your current classes.  This way, you don’t increase your amount of debt.


Opportunities With Your Employer

If you are one of those folks that is already in a stable career, and you would like to go back to school, then you might be able to extract scholarship style funding from your current employer.  There are quite a few companies out there that have a partial tuition payment AS a benefit for being apart of that company.  In addition to that, you may be able to convince your place of business to pay for your tuition, especially if you are going to study something that will help improve your job performance and productivity.  Businesses love to invest money in themselves, and this is also another great way for them to get a charitable gifting tax break!  It’s literally a win-win scenario.


The Scholarships

There are other opportunities that you can explore in the even that you are looking to go back.  For instance, there are some age-specific scholarship opportunities.

  • If you’re a U.S. woman who is at least 25 years old and has been accepted at an accredited American college or university, you may be eligible for the BPW Foundation’s Career Advancement Scholarship Program. You’ll have to demonstrate that you have a financial need, and any monies you receive can only be used for associate, bachelor, or graduate degrees. Award amounts are not set, as they are determined by each recipient’s need.

If you’re a female single parent age 25 or over enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, why not try for the Elizabeth Pfiffner Debot Memorial Scholarship? The amount of funding varies, and financial need must be shown. All prior recipients of this scholarship can reapply year after year.

  • The best source of scholarships could be in your own backyard. Inquire about the service organizations in your area through the local Chamber of Commerce. Some of them are local branches of national organizations like Rotary International or the National Exchange Club. They present scholarships to people in the community who display outstanding community service or volunteerism, regardless of age or student status. Scholarship rules and applications are often unique to each local branch, so be sure to ask about your returning student status when you apply.