December 6, 2019


Sorority scholarships are some of the most lucrative opportunities, especially if you’ve positioned yourself in the right places.  While actually getting into the sorority might be a bit difficult, as you may need to have high grades and other credentials, actually moving from within the organization will be rather easy.

Sororities are tight knit groups, and there tends to be lots of money within these organizations, especially the older “Greek Lettered” sororities.  These are hotbeds of opportunities, and they will establish connections and networks that will provide you with a lifetime of careers and scholarships.


The Benefits

While there may be lots of mystery surrounding sororities, one thing is always going to remain certain.  Girls are going to care for each other, even on the organizational level.  In which case, there are quite a few places to carve out scholarships from foundations and trusts within that organization, which will definitely help in paying for college.  Some of these organizational scholarships are going to college sponsored, and they may also be not very well known.  You should talk to the heads of your sorority chapter to see if you are eligible for scholarship funds.


The Non-Members

You don’t always have to be a member of a sorority in order to take advantage of scholarship moneys.  In fact, some sororities will fund scholarships in order to keep that “nonprofit” status.  There are certain tax codes that will prohibit them from being “charitable” to those within their group, essentially forcing them to reach out.

In which case, these scholarships will be for something special like having high grads, writing a great essay, or even winning a science fair.  Don’t be afraid to tout what makes you unique, as this may save you thousands on your tuition.


What To Do

If you are thinking about getting into a sorority, then you may just want to figure out which ones will offer the most in scholarships.  Once you find this out, then it is just a matter of getting in.  You will have higher accessibility to scholarship funding from within a sorority than from the outside of it.  So, make sure that you are positioning yourself where you need to be in order to make sure that someone else is paying the big bucks.

Sororities may provide you with networks, connections, business and career opportunities, and especially scholarship funding.  The key is to go were the money is, because college isn’t getting any cheaper!


The Sorority Style Scholarships

The sorority bond can be heightened by the additional commonality of career goals. Depending on the subject you choose you can find sororities offering scholarships for any field or interest.

  • Delta Theta Chi is a sorority specializing in education. They offer scholarships ranging from $750 to $2500. Scholarships are awarded to both members and family of members provided you are majoring in the educational field.
  • Are you a woman interested in majoring in Engineering or Technical Science? Alpha Omega Epsilon has two scholarship programs for applicants choosing this career path. Applicants are required to be current members, but they also offer scholarships for member children and grandchildren.
  • Kappa Epsilon is the sorority for aspiring female pharmacists. KE is dedicated to advancing the profession for women in what was once a male-dominated field. Kappa Epsilon grants several scholarships annually ranging between $200 and $500. Scholarships are only available to active members currently in college.
  • You know the first requirement, join the sorority. But remember: although sororities offer scholarship to members, there are other groups that grant scholarship to active fellows only.  Second, you must meet the required grades by the sorority. Some sororities require a minimum grade of 2.2 GPA in a full-time status. For freshmen, however, 2.2 GPA is not enough because they need to have at least 2.75 GPA.